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Mastergodai is on Patreon !

Mastergodai is on Patreon ! published on 18 Comments on Mastergodai is on Patreon !

Heya guys, just in case you haven’t heard, Me along with all the other Katbox Artisst have got our own Patreons!

Incase you’re interested in supporting us you can vist all our Patreon Pages at . if your looking for mine here it is

Thanks you So much For the support and lets all have fun making stuff ! XD


sence still no comment section for comic:
ok so hopefully she can explane it was just to trick the wicked bitch of the south

Depends… I’m thinking Paige about five seconds to live. For her sake, she better talk real fast.

The thing is Reiko cannot come down with an attitude all of a sudden when she basically broke up with Skye, on another note being at Liona’s place she cant be reckless with her kids there
So its either she listens to what Paige has to say or beat up a former friend due to a misunderstanding

Hey, Reiko! The Grim Reaper called. He’s decided to retire. Congrats on being his new successor!

And MAN! Do I miss the comments section!

On the case of the missing comments section that was due to the return of the hate/flame that some idiot commentators decided to bring back and it spread here to Rascals due to a Rachael and Miles cameo so i think mr Soulkat had enough with the nonsense so took it down all together
(Too much work to delete individual comments between several people) so for some trolls every one else pays

Would like to know why there no comment section too, did we offend godai? I hope we didn’t do anything stupid in the comments sections of this comic….

Listen up People the lost comment section has NOTHING to do with Godai i believe Soulkat part of the Katbox staff decided to remove it due to too much flaming/hate comments on las Lindas and characters appearing in cameo in the comic drew in some trolls which “Dakota” and someone else started debating going back n forth which i too got briefly caught into and that basically”broke” the camel’s back, next thing you know comment section is gone poof end of headache, so now we the real fans cant discuss our theories or positive comments due to some damned idiotic trollers that must have been refreshing a page to see who debated with them. Thus they won (and i dont recall their Screen names)

Hey, Mastergodai! I was wondering if you’d consider giving lessons on Youtube on how to draw your characters. Drawing lessons are the latest thing these days, and I’m thinking showing everyone how you draw your characters would be a hit. People would subscribe to your channel, and even donate to see more. How about that?

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