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Katbox Version 5.0 Rollout

Katbox Version 5.0 Rollout published on 30 Comments on Katbox Version 5.0 Rollout

We’ve begun to push out version 5 across the rest of the Katbox, and in doing so it has been applied to Rascals!

We are still working a few kinks here and there, for those unaware, you can find a quick link to all the Katbox comics in the top right of the page. We are still tweaking this part especially, and hope to make it more user friendly in time.

Should you notice anything bug, or have a suggestion. Please let us know on the forums!


Something seems different about this. Did the art change a little, are you experimenting Godai?

Heh, the sad thing is this is generally how I react to people in general in similar situations
also, I’m not sure what chance Rita thinks she has with Hawke, considering he’s spent more time with Rush who is more impressive in the curves department, and knowing Hawke, he would likely choose her over Rita