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  • Golden Script

    omg i’m so early i’m the first comment! O.o that almost never happens to me.

    anyways, dang it raven XD my approach to this would have been to scout out the new guy and see if you could get one of your “quick” rivals to go for him instead. making for less competition :T

  • Larkane

    I knew it… I freaking knew this was going to happen, you deny a guy long enough he is actually going to get tired of it and leave.

  • Shadowkey392

    Awwww…they grow up so quick…:)

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      Seriously, how long has it been between their birth and now?

  • Cortanis

    Sooo… with the reorg going on, will Rascals finally get an “archive” button?

    • Jahmir White

      A archive of all the comics here?!
      That sounds great!

  • Dragoncat

    Can you imagine how this turn of events would affect him in the ring? Good thing he’s not being challenged.

  • Jón Arnar

    who is aunt charl again? sorry for asking a stupid question but cant remember/dont know