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  • MrAMP

    Wow…that totally wasn’t smooth in any sense of the word.
    And yeah…I see a cat fight going on in 3…2…1…

  • John Sharp

    Something tells me that Quick’s parents have gotten to Jazmin before Chrissy. I mean that’s just Quick’s luck. There’s no way things can go smoothly at this point.

  • Resulli

    Man, I was really rooting for Jaz too. I have a tendency to root for the obvious underdog in RomComs, especially when things start going well for them. This happens literally EVERY TIME.

  • Cory Tenorio

    PLEASE don’t let jaz blow her top again!!

    • BigBadWolf

      If she blows her top that the same as a nip-slip?
      Mouse with popcorn+butter=Chinese delicacy?

      • Cory Tenorio

        I meant lose her temper…AGAIN.

        • Gravedigger

          cant we have both?????????

    • BlackWind

      I don’t think she will despite the fact that they are good friends and all
      Jazmin knew Quick was free for the time being but she can’t get mad at Chrissy for taking him back

  • Clifford Warner

    Jaz is about to do something that might involve…murder! *organ music plays in background!*

  • Judging by rav’s reaction, So much for tha’ Bitch changin la?

    • BlackWind

      yeah it was too good to be true so now we have to see how this unfolds

  • Voltaire

    I actually love the fact that for a split second Raven was looking out for Chrissy! Till you know…snark moment! Also kudos for taking the high road and not dragging out boring love hexagon drama Chrissy!

  • Shadow

    Even though it’s pretty clear that Quick is going with Chrissy, I still think Jazmin deserves a chance, in my opinion.

    • Gravedigger

      didn’t she get a shot???

      • Shadow

        not really. She was given an open window, but it was shut before she had a chance to jump in.

        • Gravedigger


          • kitromney

            *sigh* What did I miss? anything exciting besides an eminent Red vs. Blue “Tex Fight”? Cause the reds had no chance against Tex, why should Chrissy be a match for Jaz?

  • Wolf2125

    Why do I get the feeling that things are about to go south?

  • Cathy

    -grabs popcorn aswell and watches o3o-

  • miafillene

    Oh dearie dearie me this isn’t gonna end well…poor Jazmin is gonna need a shoulder to cry on…*polishes hers off…* >:D

  • Ryan Simandl

    raven just got more interesting then before

  • william

    looks like chrissy and raven aren’t the only girls to grab a bite to eat in their jammies. thank the ecchi gods for fanservice.

  • Dragoncat

    He’s a boob, alright…

  • goodtigerclaw

    hur hur hur he said boob! 😛

  • SuperNintendo64

    I hope everything turns out OK for both Jazmin and Chrissy. Even though Quick and Chrissy are officially together, I think Jazmin deserves a chance to be with him.

    • Shadow

      That’s exactly what I said below. I think there is a lot of support for this, but ultimately, it’s Mastergodai’s decision.

  • UmbrotheUmbreon

    This must be one of those “Order in your underwear” places. It’s apparently a new trend