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  • BlackWind

    hmm curioser curioser now who could have a crush on our adorable matured bunny gal. lets hope whomever did such knows how to treat a lady because this one breaks bones when teased

    • Bladist

      Dem Hips! [loses fingers]

    • I honestly feel the shorter list is who could NOT have a crush on the adorable bunny girl…

      • Raconis

        Much agreed Lone Wulf ;>

  • Cory Tenorio

    Who is it you ask? Tune in next week!!

    • BlackWind

      noooot likely as this is holiday filler XD

      • Radar

        you just ruined the fantasy

      • Cory Tenorio

        I was making it sound like a cheesy soap opera.

  • Josh

    Hope it’s one of the ladies!

  • Slasheredge

    Oh it’s the oc I made for this comic! that who sent the letter. lol Although how did he escape into the comic I wonder?

  • Dragoncat

    It had better not be that Cody boy. She deserves WAY better than that!

  • blah

    Ok, it was me. I want to rock you like a hurricane!

  • MrAMP

    Hm…you know, I’m actually surprised that someone was actually able to sneak that letter to her without her noticing the person.

  • Dusty Morgan

    I see she got my letter! ^_^

  • Anthony Ramirez

    hey she got my letter

    • alex_longfur


    • bladra

      if it was your letter then im sure you know what you wrote

      • Anthony Ramirez

        it was a letter saying how much i love her and conveying my deepest feelings for her, nothing perverted

        • bladra

          thats it no haiku poem or something like that

        • alex_longfur

          That seems a little stalkerish…

          • Anthony Ramirez

            I mailed the letter, if I was a stalker she would have found it on a plate in her kitchen next to a gourmet breakfast with the food arranged so it spells “I love you.” with a little heart.

          • alex_longfur

            Hmmm… Good point.

          • Anthony Ramirez

            lets not forget the horrible photoshoped wedding pictures

          • alex_longfur

            Urk! Umm… Let’s agree to never mention those again. Ever.

  • Shadow

    Maybe it’s from quick.

    • Anthony Ramirez

      he ain’t man enough

  • Cathy

    hope she likes me’ card <3

  • Timni16

    So… this is canon, yes?

  • recallshifter

    i have been going over the archive and i felt it would be faster to ask. which page was it that Jaz first showed a romantic interest in quick?

  • Miafillene

    I think the new version is a bit glitchy…there’s some clipping in the first/back/next/last buttons with the misc. buttons for twitter and what-not…and I see Jazmin got my letter. >.>

    • Mihari

      Chances are you’re seeing a cached version of the old images used in the previous theme. Do a shift+f5 to due a complete refresh.

  • The_Rippy_One

    Um – I’d have asked his on the Las Linda page when the new design first showed up, but the comments are disabled, so…

    On the new design, how do I navigate to other katbox comics in this format?