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  • Sun Zue

    About time she got her head out her ass

    • Brett

      Agreed. That took way too damn long

    • Newker

      Its a nice ass

      • lolwut8898

        I second this statement.

  • I detect dangerous intoxication.

    Who it’s dangerous for is up for debate at this point.

    • Either intoxication or relatives.

      Either way it’s not good.

      • DarkPhoenix

        Considering the full name, I am guessing relatives.

      • Tatsurou

        Why not intoxicated relatives?

        • And that’s worse again.

          • Zavier McWilliams

            That would be HORRIBLE!!! LoL!

          • GES280

            you underestimate the fun of a drunken uncle.

          • Lupus

            I was guess grandmother, but who knows right!

        • Nintendo nerd

          If so, dig out your katana, throw on a random head band, dust yourself off, and shout ” IN THE NAME OF POINTLESS BATTLES!!!” And charge down the hall and play Super Mario in the attic instead.

        • zaime sykes

          not Intoxicated, Furious Mum or dad, time for chrissy to meet the parents

      • XenoSetter

        5k says it’s his mother. THAT is gonna be a pain to deal with.

        • Wrath Constantine

          And she’s intoxicated.
          And wants a sammich. >.<

          • Wrath Constantine

            And sounds like Auntie Shrew from the Secret of NIMH.

        • Skitzo

          I’m with you on that one. I have the same reaction when my mother screams my full name.

  • VirgilOokami

    wow…that’s worse than my full name…and i haven’t seen many worse than my full name <.<

  • Cameron Harrison

    Why do I feel like we’re about to meet ANOTHER girl from Quicks life?

    • VirgilOokami

      By the sounds of it, it’ll be his mother

      • Dudeler

        If that is his mom, then there’s the question of what the heck she’s doing in a hot spring?

        • VirgilOokami

          Moms need relaxation too

        • Zekumas

          Maybe his Family owns it and she runs it??

          • Spike

            it could be the dreaded older sister

  • BowchickaBowWow

    Its his mom isn’t it? No one and I mean NO ONE!! Anyone knows would say their full name like that except the parents.

    • ComicGuy

      yep and at such volume as well.

    • BlackWind

      why his mom could be his dad or a grand parent by the shouting you can’t tell the gender of the yeller now can we?

    • Newker

      ya, only parents and such yell like that to scare their children

  • MrAMP

    Robot Chicken Man….What a twist?

    But in all due seriousness, I’m somewhat slightly surprised that Quick actually forgave Chrissy that easily and quickly too. I guess I can understand both sides of this argument. Deep down inside, Quick truly does love Chrissy (Seriously, it did take him two years for him to say it out loud). And he did have plenty of opportunities to take out others such as Jazmin way back in the mall arc and Raven…well really multiple times with her as she pretty much threw herself at him, both metaphorically and quite literally XD But it really does beg the question as to whether she deserves a second chance with all she’s done and that baggage. Granted he understands that the baggage did result in her decision to get the background check, still somewhat of a trust issue there.

    Also, I noticed that Chrissy isn’t crying…why is that?

    You know, I’m not going to lie, but I suspect that scream is yet another woman, which would bring it up to five women! That’s…that’s just freaking awesome xD

    • BlackWind

      Amp you should know by now that Quick will forgive her because he kinda understands the position she put herself in and from what he heard from her 1st hand he asures her that he is NOT the other guy nor will he ever become him,
      as for the thundering cry from the heavens only a parent might make an addressing such as that!

  • Cory Tenorio

    I’m guessing that mother is here.

  • Chuck

    In the second speech bubble shouldn’t it say “…to fast and I panicked.”?

    • Nightmask

      No ‘too’ is the correct word to be using in that situation.

      • Shade

        He is correct, however, in that there should be an ‘I’ in there.

      • Chuck

        Yeah, my typo correction had its own typo. I was referring to the missing “I”.

        • Brett

          Just so you know, that is not a double negative. You do not pass go, and you do not collect $200.
          Stupid spellcheck lol

  • aw, I’ll be honest, I really wanted to see Quick and Jazmin go on a date or two, but by the looks of it, that won’t happen. She’s gonna be crushed. :c

    • swedish_kitsune

      You were not the only one who wished that. didn’t Jazmin win a landslide victory in the poll of who should be quicks gf?

    • LostGryphon

      Agreed. >.< Feel quite bad for the poor girl.

  • Cold Coyote

    What is with that name?! Is it Japanese or something?! I’ve never heard anything even close to that! 0.o

    • GES280

      it sounds more northern European, maybe Scandinavian.

  • AOC


    That escalated quickly…no pun intended.

    Also, Quinstopferson? Wow, what a name! Is it totally made up, or is it a real name for reals? Because I will be shocked if it’s actually a real name.

  • Wolf2125

    Things just got a little more interesting.

  • GaryFischer68

    I know I shouldn’t be hung up on minor details in a major scene page like this, but I just gotta say…
    Chrissy has a really nice ass. Can’t believe I haven’t noticed that before.

  • Wolf2125

    Talk about killing the moment.

  • Alex Hunter

    OH Sugar Honey Iced Tea, I smell mother! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE QUICK! By the way why did your parents name you that? Were they high?

  • Jan Valentine

    it’s cock-blockula…

  • Slasheredge

    Wow I gotta say I wasn’t expecting Chrissy to be forgiven so quickly or that they be back together so quickly either. However I have a basis since I hoping for QuickXJazmin. Oh well at least we get a new twist with what I guess is a new character or Quick’s mom. Either that or a very intoxicated friend or sis who knows his full name.

    • Gravedigger

      Quick had already forgiven Chrissy all she had to do was apologize and they could resume dating

      • Slasheredge

        Eh still seems a like it happened a little quickly, but that’s just my opinion. However still new character can mix things up.

        • Gravedigger

          in my opinion it seemed like they both wanted to resume their relationship, but they were both waiting for the other to make the big move

  • Shade

    Where on Earth did you pull that name from? I can see why he goes by Quick, that is completely ridiculous.

    Also, it’s rather nice to see characters make up like this, interruptions notwithstanding.

    • Gravedigger

      some people want their kids to have unique name, but I agree that’s frikin ridiculous name.

  • Raconis

    love the almost kiss…It’s about time he set her straight…Just wishin that he’d gone with Jaz

    • BlackWind

      technically he didn’t she finally set herself straight after a little nudge from him.
      he’s always been the one to put her in the position to make her final choice clear and basically that’s what she loves him for, despite the nuances of the past/present

  • JayPattyson

    Quinstopferson doesn’t even return google results…

    Also, He was Quick Bourne

    • BlackWind

      if you read his name Quinstopfersson K Bourne he uses Quick because it’s his name with initial condensed into his name Qui ck

  • recallshifter

    There goes my hope of Quick’s name being just a nickname for a “special talent” instead of a mere shortening *sigh*

  • ComicGuy

    Best page ever!!

  • Spyro200

    I bet its Jazmin drunk again.

    • Gravedigger

      how would she know his full name, don’t think hes ever mentioned it before??

  • Deathbeam9000

    cock block activated…boop

  • Deathbeam9000

    cock block…

  • alex_longfur

    So it’s either his mom or his dad… Quickly! Get the popcorn and assorted snacks and beverages! *pardon the pun*

    • Gravedigger

      what pun

      • alex_longfur


        • Spike

          dude, that was no pun, you’re trying too hard

          • alex_longfur

            Well, I was super tired when I did that comment, so I guess you’re right.

  • BlackWind

    O_O;;; whoa. sounds like the heavens just came down calling on “Quick” by his real name no less!!! Quinstopferson K Bourne Quick for short. anyways well it appears that 2 things have happened here #1 after Quick’s little hint Chrissy made up her mind and just asked him to promise her not to change, in which he asures her he never will. and #2 someone Quick knows has just arrived and are about to make things complicated for our man here! (Glory on the Moon Mercy on the Earth) things are about to get “Hot” again

  • Cannonfodder

    Someone’s mother is here!!!!

  • Gravedigger

    no, not the puppy dog eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gravedigger

    who would name their kid Quinstopferson????

  • ShadowKitsune

    Oh… fuck. This ain’t good…

  • Alex Dixon

    Quinstopfer…okay now the names are getting weird.

  • Nicole Onyxheart

    well now we know why he likes to be called Quick…with a first name like that, Quick is much easier on the mouth xD

  • swedish_kitsune

    All hail the great God of Whipped Men!
    Why isn’t Jazmin the one cuddling Quick?

    • Gravedigger

      cause Chrissy is cuter

  • that roaring noise, is that one of Quick’s parents or something? Cause somebody just called him Quinstopferson K. Bourne which sound like its quick’s full name, could that be his mom screaming his name?

    • DarkMyste

      yep it is which means we have a angry mom on are hands and you know when they use all your full name, middle and last it means you going to be either dead or punished to the point you wish you was

      • Gravedigger

        the only question left is, what the hell did quick do.

  • Gravedigger

    Chrissy is adorable in the third panel

  • Shadow5000

    who the hell is the voice coming from?

  • Ud the Imp

    Time for Chrissy to meet the parents……

    • DarkMyste

      Full Name= angry mom

  • Bloodshield

    Wow… If that’s his mom, then Quickjust got mom-blocked. XD

  • Imminent333

    I seem to remember a guy that gave the impression of someone Jazmin would go after in the whole arc where they went to the lake before the fighting competition. But I cannot find that anymore.

  • william

    quinstopferson? I can see why he goes by quick. judging by the amount of rage in the voice and the fact that the voice used his full name, I’m guessing that this is family or former lover that just barged in on this beautiful moment.

  • Anon

    Nooo, don’t go back to her, she’s bad for you, man. Go with the pink bunny. She’s pretty cool.

    Also, “penis wrinkle”?

  • Cameron

    dammit and I thought he would actually go for jazmin

  • Voltaire

    Hmmmmm ze plot thickens jes? Could be the mom, the dad or some other relative! Or Raven is VERY drunk again…or an ex GF…the list just goes on and on doesn’t it?

  • Antwon Vazquez

    just… oh god… oh god……… I can’t even…. oh GAWD!!!!!

  • Ray Taboa

    I’m guessing it’s his mom or some other relative.

  • Spike

    did anyone else notice the new banner?

    • Gravedigger

      yes, its quite nice

  • feartheswans

    It could still be a Naked Skye, he knows Quick’s name also ^_~

    • GES280

      it could also be Quick’s insane ex. I mean everyone else seems to have one.

  • Brett

    Wait, is that actually his full name, or is some smashed woman just blurting out random words while looking for quick?

  • soulman

    lol quinstopferson? ahaha

  • Cathy

    >_< dam it when will i get alone time with quick

  • DeepSouthOtaku

    the “what a twist” thing reminds me of robot chicken episode with M.Night Shyamalan

  • Patrick Dillard

    it got to be his mom

  • creature

    im guessing its his mom or something >.<

  • Cathy

    prepare yourself
    a busty mother or sister may be coming up next
    or a drunk wabbit we all know and love ;3

  • Gravedigger

    2319!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE A 2319!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ravor9933

    I wasn’t paying much attention to the next panel and I had thought for about 5 seconds that it actually said something about love confession

  • Cory Tenorio


    • Prisim


      • Paddy


        • Chaos


          • Cory Tenorio

            english translation?

          • Paddy


          • IcyDash

            Now this comment chain made me giggle ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Mr. Al

            COMMENT CHAIN!?

            Sorry, couldn’t resist x3
            And to be perfectly honest, I misread the sentence there for a second “You bear a striking resemblence to the missing pron-” upon my my mind screamed for jsut a split second; “She is a WHAAAT!? O.O”

          • Miafillene

            Yep. I read that as Missing Pron Queen myself…and I wondered just what…or who…she’s been into? >.>

          • Ryan Simandl

            SHE’S BEEN INTO SOMEONE?!!

          • Chaos

            Who had their hand in the cookie jar?

          • Paddy

            *Glances awkwardly around and backs away slowly* You didn’t see anything…

          • DJ Fooly

            RANMA PIGTAIL!??!!

          • Tech

            PYRO IS SCHPY?

  • william

    wow, major surprises here. did not expect our draconic friend to be a princess. can’t wait to see what the ru-special is.

    • BlackWind

      the way she phrased it I suspect it’s probably a deluxe styled scale scrubbing exclusively for dragon skin? buuut notice the fact that Swoop is “Nude” there telling her to shush up ^^

      • william

        really, I thought it would be like one of those special massages where the masseuse rubs them down with her bosom, like some girls do at car washes. I think that would be better than the scale scrubbing, and more readily available for creatures with more fragile skin than dragons. now, when you say swoop is “nude”, are you aware of the skin-tight outfit she’s wearing, or did you just glance over that. Genuinely curious here, not trying to insult you.

        • BlackWind

          i guess I overlooked the skin tight outfit some ^^;

  • MrAMP

    Dang!!! She’s a princess!?

    Also, why does that building and her get up remind me of Ranma 1/2?

    • BlackWind

      easy Amp it’s the classic Ranma styled Hair she is sporting there it’s unmistakable XD

  • NixieSeal

    Ru must either want the princess to be discovered, or be rather dumb.

    • BlackWind

      most likely the latter friend (she’s not the brightest bulb in the set X3)

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Sounds like she is running away from an arranged marriage to some guy she doesn’t like or love. Very interesting.

  • Slasheredge

    Wow she’s a Princess sweet. This means arranged marriages and crap loads of trouble.

  • BlackWind

    ok now this is a total surprise as basically we know Swoop as the “cuddly” little dragoness that is partner to Hawke and Rush, to now find out that she’s royalty of sorts is just mind blowing

  • XEspadaX

    Is it me or that yellow dragon is the same from Draconia Chronicles

    • Dorje

      That is why it is called a shout-out. It’s not quite a cameo.

  • bladra

    anyone notic that yellow dragon has same hair as ranma from ranma 1/2

    • GES280

      literally the first thing I noticed.

      • MysticJanus


        • Tygepc

          I was so going to comment on that! Lol.

    • Ios

      Color is off though. It was red for his female form and black (or dark blue) for his male form.

  • Arcticwlf

    I’m Twilight Sparkle, and I approved this out-of-the-blue princessing.

    • Gravedigger

      I approve it too, although I don’t know why

  • IAmHawz


    • Gravedigger


  • shadywolf872

    seems just a little cliche that suddenly we find out swoop is royalty.

  • Ratz

    Princess you say.

    • bladra

      bet you didnt expect that

  • Professor Dey

    PS4 doesn’t support video capture yet, the video is encrypted apparently, Sony say they’ll patch it soon though

  • Glenn Sellers

    I love Chrissy’s reaction to Quick’s real name. ROFLMAO.