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The Champ is Here

The Champ is Here published on 57 Comments on The Champ is Here
No not John Cena  (Thank God in some cases ) but it’s the return of Sahara ! the Queen of Games ! She will take on all comers ! and Win! Here is the start of the tournament mention in the Previous chapter Wonder how Quick’s team will do against Sahara’s skills in Fight Fighter IV stay tuned !  when working on this pic I had the song ” Send Me an Angel” by Real Life  Playing nonstop on itunes  if you dont know the Song it was played during the Montage in the Movie the Wizard   ahh the 80’s   see ya next week
  • Cameron Harrison

    A cute cat girl, and a master of videogames? I think I’m in love with her!! ;3

  • Mage

    Watch out, guys. We got a badass in here.

  • Mr. E

    Too bad I’m not qualified to enter, I would’ve had a blast! (€ •_•)/

  • Whoa… Sahara is the champ!? here I thought she was just a reporter…

  • MrAMP

    *Robot Chicken Reference*
    She’s a champion!!!

    This would explain why she’s into fighting and Skylar so much. But I can’t help but feel that her overconfidence will be her downfall.

  • Takoshi Wolfite

    i would have entered just to try even if i’d lose

  • Pillbug

    I wonder if she still has her boobs signed…

  • BlackWind

    ahh a self christened Champion eh? *pops knuckles n cracks neck* ok hon show me what you got after warm up matches >8D

    • Sanchez

      Dude, you’re gonna end up like Miles when he tried sparring with Rachael…

      • BlackWind

        Oh really is that a fact! Ok if you own a Ps3 go into Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 and take on the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam Challenge with a GM a Zaku II and a Jinn and beat them single handedly or Try Beating Galactus in UMVC3 in 1st try

        • mechafan1224

          Yeah im not the pnly gundam/srw/mecha fan! I need a sougain,vysaga,Huckebien mk2, and most importantly trombe.

        • Faved Anon

          been there, done that. Try finishing the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary without dying once, then come and sit… (in a mochery of a brittish accent) we shall chat over tea…

        • Sanchez

          I hardly knew what you’re saying…

  • BlackWind

    all I know is once you see who she uses even in a variation of teams a sound strategy can be implemented against her and “dethrone” her (god I miss the true arcade tournaments so much)

  • Slasheredge

    Must find a way to enter tournament at the last minute. That way I can play her, Quick, and Raven. I would dominate them all.

  • Ravin

    Sahara good at games?! HA

    Hahahahaha That’s a good one.

    • Ravin

      Incase you are all wondering, I know Sahara <_< We play games together off and on. I like giving her crap :3

      • Sahara

        *mega ultra bites* ;~; I am good at games D: I am the Queen of games! I believe in the heart of the cards!

        • Ravin

          …This isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic the Gathering <3

          • Cameron Harrison

            Was it really necessary to dis her like that?

          • Sabourok

            Never heard of playful ribbing?

          • MrAMP

            That actually comes from YuGiOh, not magic.

            Also, how do we really know that she hasn’t been letting you win all those years XD

          • Faved Anon

            YuGiOh was based of of Magic so… tecnicly… but i really don’t care at this point. I love reading this webcomic but, Raven u go too far….. public humiliation isn’t cool

          • JayPattyson

            Sometimes public humiliation is necessary… As long as it’s done jokingly.

          • Ravin

            Completely necessary because she kicks my ass in games all the time.

            As you can see, she didn’t take offense to it because we know eachother and are close friends.

            You wouldn’t wanna know how I would publicly humiliate her in ways she’d love though >:3

      • Vocal Tune

        well…maybe in this universe she’s a beast.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Another love interest?

  • dcreeperfarm0

    You reminded me of wrestlemania lol

  • straydiver

    yay¡¡¡ for doctor who reference you rock¡¡¡

  • Lance

    Oh I love the host chick. She’s hot.

  • william

    lovely new characters (at least i think they’re new) for the gaming tournament quick and raven are competing in. only question now is, do they have a chance, or will raven be too busy undressing quick with her eyes to pull any effort in the competition?

  • Steve

    I’ll bring the popcorn and beer!!

  • MrAMP

    Well, I have to congratulate Quick on a good call there for bringing their own controllers.

  • All Yourba Seare

    Delete. Delete.

  • it should’a been called Fist Fighters 4 if ya’ know what I’m talkin’ about? (chuckle)

  • Mr. E


  • The Name is Quack

    Sahara looks kinda like Chrissy… COINCIDENCE?

    • dcreeperfarm0

      I think not

  • Max

    I smell Salty with that other team.

  • Cathy


  • Cathy

    no one got the exterminate line .__.

  • Corwhovian

    *peter griffin voice* Oh! oh! she said it! She said it!

    • Night-X

      I remember watching that part.

    • Shadowkey392

      Said what?

      • Corwhovian

        Its a refrence to family guy, (She said the title of the comic)

  • Shaoz Champion

    Roll Credits….oh wait..

    • reallyobscure

      I was just scrolling down to make the same comment.

      • Gotch

        Me too.

    • jacobc62

      Cinema Sins FTW!

      • Shaoz Champion


  • Trident95

    Title drop! Roll credits!

  • keiger

    After all this time I finally realized something. A few things really. They don’t tuck in their shirts (Super Casual work environment for cops) everything they wear seems to be made of latex, some kind of mylar or some highly reflective and stretchy fabric, and they don’t wear ties around their necks, they wear butt-plugs.

    Of course, I mean this all jokingly. It just dawned on me that, that is what it all looks like.

  • MrAMP

    So that’s where the title comes from. XD
    Also, why do I get the feeling that they’re about to get into something slick, shiny and curvy in all the right places?

    • BlackWind

      Well Eliza already has something like that so it might be the Rookie’s turn XD

  • Edwin Shy

    Nice working the title in like that XD

  • Shadowkey392

    Annnnd title reveal!

    …oh wait, we did that already…