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  • SFF

    Dear god, Raven’s a bitch.

    Remind me why she has fans again?

    • DarkRose4

      1) I liked her when she was introduced, but now her jealousy and ego has changed my opinion.

      2) I still think she’s hot.

      • OhYEAH

        She’s hot and calls Chrissy on her bullshit. In fact, apart from the bitchiness to Chrissy, she seems to get on with everyone else, too.
        She’s also got more in common with Quick and isn’t afraid to come out and say how she feels unlike SOME people.

  • DarkRose4

    “Tonsil Hockey”:
    Best thing I’ve heard all day.

    • Akira

      I know, right? Godai sure knows how to write…euphamisms? metaphors? synonymous phrases to actions that would not be appropriate to discuss around children?

      • DarkRose4

        An innuendo?

  • Fluff-Kevlar

    That’s so Raven.

    • DarkRose4

      I see what you did there.

  • Schlachtenbumler

    Nice work Master. That is great. Quick and Raven Date? Trouble is in the house 😀

  • Jeezus I’m with Chrissy on this one, what is her deal?

    • Epic face 9999

      She WILL never get a date with Quick. She definitely is a stalker

  • christopherlee

    As much as Raven becoming a conflict or thorn to Chrissy’s side, maybe she needs this to really think about her decision with Quick pages ago, if it was the right call.

  • Raptor052

    Damn the expense, break the racket over Raven’s inflated ego. After all, Quick’s a millionaire he can always buy you a new one.

    • Ravin

      They aren’t together anymore- Why would he buy her one?

      • Voltaire

        they are still good friends! :O As for this page it just kinda solidifies my dislike for raven…she has a absolutely cute character design but her personality is just spiteful and mean…it makes me sad and conflicted. :<

        P.S. I love the term Tonsil Hockey!

        • LoneWolf

          agreed if she wasn’t so…whats the word…overbearing? i might actualy like her as a charactor but no shes a bitch and a bad one at that

        • Ravin

          I donno, after the tug of war with Quick’s feelings, I am surprised he would. She was also so paranoid about his money situation, so why would he even approach her with a, ‘I can buy that for you if you break it’ motion. Don’t you think that would just push her away even more and make her uncomfortable?


          • Voltaire

            Perhaps, I don’t know we will have to wait and see what happens! speaking of which…*runs over to new comic!*

  • william

    when i first saw raven, i saw her as a cute, bookish, shy glasses girl character. now i see her as a bitter love rival who takes any chance she gets to rub her victories in her opponents faces. how disappointing.

  • Dis

    Raven has an ego, Skylar is full of himself, Reiko is an undisciplined perverted freak, Ravin flurts with girls when he already has one, Jazmin has a bad temper and and acts bratty at times, and Cody just needs to be shot dead. Is there anyone I missed?

    • dcreeperfarm0

      Yeah you missed yourself for being a nosy bitch (woops, that slipped of my tongue)

      • Dis


    • BlackWind

      Zoey and Jabby and Trevor you forgot them

      • Dis

        Trevor was the teacher wanting to date Chrissy right? I could not remember his name. Zoey seems okay .

        • BlackWind

          not only date but wanted to steal chrissy away from Quick when they were together and set up people to break them up and scheming with Raven too the lousy bastard

  • mutafuka

    Raven is turning into Rose from two and a half men.

  • SUP

    Where’s a feral, hungry cat when u need one to deal with a mouse problem XD

  • MrAMP

    Look, I can see both sides to this. Yes, Quick is going out with Raven, but Chrissy did technically break up with him and he’s not dead or anything. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that Raven is just using Quick to get back at Chrissy over some sort of grudge.

    But seriously, not trying to be that guy or anything, but why is she always in a bush anyways?

    • BlackWind

      AMP it’s a Blatant LIE!!! Quick has NOT gone to ask her for a date she’s Lying thru her teeth big time

      • Random

        Those ARE some big teeth to lie through

  • zanku72

    like the ponytail look on chrissy =3 As for this so called date sounds kinda stage if u ask me but will soon find out =D

  • Wolf2125

    I got ask this. Is Raven just asking get her ass kicked? I mean she’s really pushing Chrissy’s buttons right now and judging from the look on Chrissy’s face. I suspect that she wants to knock Raven out.

    • dcreeperfarm0

      I would do the same

      • Wolf2125

        I have no doubt, my friend.

    • Epic face 9999

      I would just kick her in the balls 4 times

    • Random

      Not just that. Someone needs reminding that cats EAT mice…

      …maybe that didn’t come out right.

  • Pillbug the Awesome

    How good is Mihari playing tennis? And Chrissy?

  • Name

    I think that lump on Raven’s breast should get looked at.

    • Random

      Um… Dude? That’s her other boob.

  • Badassassin

    Chrissy, you still have your claws/fist/whatever. Please, just smack that mousey bitch.

  • Slasheredge

    Ok that date with QUick has to be fake, and I think Jazmin would have to best chance for that right now. Raven probably (If she even talked to Qucik) just asked him to help her with some studying or something, and just plans to make a move so that Chrissy can see it then misinterpret it .

  • mactravian

    it’s me or chrissy becoming paler

  • Isn’t Quick with Jazmin?

  • alex_longfur

    I’m lost here. When did Quick ask her out on a date?

  • The Name is Quack

    Who’s the cheetah playing tennis with Chrissy? Or is that Mihari again?

    • Greg Morrow

      Almost positive that’s the always lovely Mihari.

  • MizunaYue

    W-When did he even ask her out… ?>.>;;
    would he even?


  • alpha-three-six

    Cost be damned, crack that beeyotch.

  • Cameron

    More mihari = more awesomeness