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  • cgaurd52

    Gotta love that shirt!

  • Cory Tenorio

    She asks if it fits? That’s a first.

    • Ray Taboa

      Right?!?! I woulda thought she would have had her put it on anyways ^_^

      • MicroWolf


    • The Name is Quack

      I really don’t know what Rei means when she asks if that fits…
      Does she mean personality wise? Or size? (Am I the only one asking this?)

  • Cameron Harrison

    Those boobies can break the forth wall!!!

    Also dat shirt XD I bet it fits Liona just right! ;D

    • Wrath Constantine

      I think they break all the walls.

      And I just keep hearing *GOOSH*

      • alex_longfur

        I hear more of a *BOING!* when I see it.

  • Max West

    I like this page more for the huge boobies. 🙂

    • Josh

      When huge boobs are around, you really can’t talk about anything else.

  • Black Ice

    Too funny XD

  • BlackWind

    sure the Boobs are nice n all buuut the upcoming flashback story Rei will tell will be superb to see/hear

  • MrAMP

    By goodness gracious, they truly broke the panels in this one. If we had another woman…it would totally destroy the page with their massive hotness XD

    You know, I can’t help but feel that shirt actually does exist. Curse you Hasbro’s XD

  • Nicole Onyxheart

    Seems kind of out of character for reiko to ask if the shirt fits….she’d probably be the sort to tell Liona it looks perfect, when in fact it’s much too small for her huge breasts, of course for Reiko…that would be perfect >:D

  • nt195

    Pinkie Pie has invaded yet another universe!

    • alex_longfur

      Gotta love Pinkamena Diane Pie!

  • Dtripper

    I still want to know the physics that allow their boobs to stay so perky all the time

    • alex_longfur

      By some unexplained gene within furres they become the peak of physical and sexual health.

      • Gravedigger

        its also written by a guy, so the females are always going to look good!!!!!!!

        • alex_longfur

          That too.

    • ariedren

      Anti-gravity matter.

      • BlackWind

        or perhaps push up support bras for that comfortable feel and no worry of sagging? X3

        • bladra

          why to ruin the humor

      • The_Rippy_One

        That’s how Quick made his money! He invented anti-gravity bras!

    • CinnamonSalve

      It’s the Boob Zone Effect. Every universe has one. The larger the Cup, the stronger the effect.

    • Feartheswans

      The comfort of the support is inversely proportional to the perkiness of the breasts. Boob popping support is seldom if ever comfortable. -a natural DDD

  • koboldwarlord

    Serious… Sleepy… Does that even fit you?
    Cutesy… Wootsey… Have you even met me?
    Notice the same rhythmic phrasing? 😀
    TWO pony references in the same strip?
    I’d say Rascals has just become 20% cooler.

    • MicroWolf

      Damn right

  • ShadowKitsune


  • Gravedigger

    I love how Liona looks in the last two panels!!!!
    how does she even find a bra that fits?????????

    • bladra

      maybe its custom made

      • Gravedigger

        could be, she can diffidently afford it

        • bladra

          after all how else would you explain how she gets them to fit her

          • Gravedigger

            um, you might be on to something bladra

          • bladra

            its elementary Gravedigger i just put the peices of her being quite famous which in results her making alot of money and in doing so ends up of her having to have her cloths to be custom made to fit her perfectly

          • Gravedigger

            I got that thank you

  • Alex Dixon

    Why so much boobage?!

    • Gravedigger

      because its written by a guy, duh

  • DarkMyste

    and pinkie for the win

  • :|

    why the fucking ponies…WHY?

    • MicroWolf

      Screw you, ponies are awesome

      • :|

        fuck yourself with that though,punk

  • BadMunky64

    boobs…boobs….boobs…OH HEY!! Pinkie Pie!!!

  • Cameron

    wow I stayed up till 5:07am to read everything I could of this comic, gotta love it

  • MicroWolf

    Yes I’m a brony, deal with it B|

  • Sanchez

    Speaking of broken walls, I’m pretty sure that someone is going to be listening on them.

  • Shadow

    oh no the boobs are getting out of the comic!

    • DarkMyste

      getting out ……?they already been out for awhile now

  • mr. anon

    the artist isn’t even trying to make his anatomy make sense anymore.

    • Gravedigger

      anymore? never made sense to begin with!!!

  • william

    nice shirt. I would love to see either of them wear it, and nothing else.

  • Pillbug

    Totally not fanservice

  • Cathy

    >_> pinkie promise you will tell!!!

  • DarkMyste

    some clothing chain NEEDS to make that pinkie shirt …now, my wife and daughter saw the shirt and said its perfect!

  • Gravedigger

    oh Liona, we all know that shirt wont fit
    but we’d all love to see ya try it on anyways

  • Nova

    At least someone remembered to bring their serious hat, even if they’re not from this universe.

  • Shadowkey392

    Hah! I love that shirt!

  • Joya

    Did anyone else notice Liona’s chest got bigger since her debut?