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  • Regulos14

    Who in their right mind would break up with her? I think she looks great. Loving her personality too. Great job on the new character, Godai.

    • nightarix

      i’d imagine a guy who goes to the gym religiously due to self-image issues.

    • Dragoncat

      A guy who clearly doesn’t have any kind of ‘gut’.

    • The_Rippy_One

      This. I like her a lot, personality wise, and if he thinks that’s a gut, he is clueless.

  • Kenneth C.

    Wow. She sure has a fine gut.

  • Cory Tenorio

    I don’t see what’s wrong with a little pudge. Makes her more adorable.

    • DarkMyste

      Same here i rather they have little meat on them rather than trying to kill themselves with over exercising and trying to keep to insanely small number that would control them

  • CJ

    XD Chris Rock reference!!

    • mastergodai

      Yay someone got it

      • Alex Dixon

        what type of animal is she?

  • She’s like, Extremely far from fat though :l

    • Timecapsule13

      I have met girls like her, when they wear hoodies or more clothing they look fat….

  • David Foxfire

    With the right personality and attitude, _any_ body can be beach body ready!

    • The_Rippy_One

      And she’s got everything she needs!

  • Karst45

    Speaking of Eliza. when will she have more screen time? 😀

    • BlackWind

      Probably when her assignment is over if you kept tabs on her story

      • Karst45

        i would but her assignment seem to take time to unfold 🙁

  • BlackWind

    Well Felicia looks to be quite the friendly type gal and best childhood friend of Chrissy so we’ll see how she is in the story to come

  • Shadowkey392

    Gut? What gut? I don’t see a gut!

  • Shaun Albert

    Is that a batman shirt?

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    If someone is chubby, that just means there’s more of ’em to love.
    Seriously; Fel is cute n sexy.

    • Shade

      Those curves, man. They’re deadly.

  • TheRebelLion96

    Oh my god! A Chris Rock reference! This is the best Friday ever!

  • HunterWolf666

    whats that pink bar covering that word for =}

    • neksuscat .

      Because the pussy she’s talking about is not the one to say “Meow”. Xp

  • MrAMP

    She could be pregnant. Just saying. xD

  • Josh

    I expect more “Provocative” pictures of this lovely lady down the road!

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Nothing wrong with a full-figured woman

  • Christopher Stanley

    Just Lovely, and I love her personality!