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Rascals Pg 153: Release the… RAVIN!

Rascals Pg 153: Release the… RAVIN! published on
Mastergodai:  Heh Done  took a bit to do this due to a horrid head cold enjoy folks and also Rascals: Goyoku’s Prolouge has begun check it out ! Edit: * Due to numerous complaints I have translated the line to English  i deeply Apoligize if it Offended anyone * – MG Crimson: Yeah, speaking of Project Zero and Goyoku, partner… furs, there are a few things you guys may or may not know about the Bonus Comics. So here I am, to make sure we’re all on the same page. Have a seat and buckle up; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Bonus Comics, which are gonna be Project Zero, Goyoku, KnuckleUp, Strype Force and Rascals: Under Covers, will all be posted onto the site on their own individual pages here on Petite Symphony… after they have been paid for via cumulative donations into the site via the buttons provided, with the assistance of PayPal. Here’s what that means; you see the total prices there on the buttons? If the TOTAL donations that we receive for any one specific comic reaches the price listed, we post another page, on Tuesdays, for whichever one reached that total. If it’s Project Zero that got to the price, we post another page of that comic the next Tuesday; if it’s Goyoku or any of the others (when they’re ready!), then we post that next comic page. As Godai mentioned, and you all have seen, we’re also posting small three-page free prologues for each of the comics, so that you guys get a little idea of what’s going on… but we need your help, guys, if the bonus comics are gonna continue. We’ve got a lot in store for everyone, and Rascals will ALWAYS be gratis, no matter what… but we really want to expand what we can do for Rascals and for all of our fans. And we need your support and help in that regard. If anyone has any more questions, just login to the PS Forum; there’s an area where I’ll be happy to answer any questions that I can, regarding the Bonus Comics and their future, as well as other stuff about Rascals, to a point, heh. Can’t give EVERYTHING away, yanno? Have fun with Cody’s whupping; we all know you wanted it to happen, anyway…