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Rascals Pg 151: Civet and Squirrel

Rascals Pg 151: Civet and Squirrel published on
Mastergodai: We’re Back  Had this one ready ahead of Schedule to start Work on more stuff which you saw a bit on my latest livestream ^_^ if you missed it shame on you haha just kidding you will all see hopefully very soon  ^_^ until then Enjoy Chrissy’s Bashful face in the last Panel  :3  oh and Milly ‘s Cameo here belongs to big time commenter BlackWind   oh and  P.S. just incase you have missed the memo Project Zero’s Prologue pages have started  see here  Crimson: Now, where else could the seeds of romance and reconciliation grow… than at the bartop inside a strip club! Yeah, I know, talk about the irony; it’s the pink elephant in the room. But things may not be as they seem, and the end of this arc is fast approaching. I’ll have a Tom and Jerry, please! Heading off to write and work on class projects, yay… have fun for the weekend, furs.