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Rascals Pg 150: Grateful & Still Truckin’

Rascals Pg 150: Grateful & Still Truckin’ published on
Mastergodai: I would Like to take this moment to Say Thank you to all of You for reading my webcomic and for sticking with me this far you guys are amazing and I really cant wait to give you more of what shoots out of my cranium Also Thanks goes out to Moon ,Doo ,and Saint for taking me on thanks guys ^_^   I also would like to thank Crimson for Helping me with editing and  giving me some awesome ideas . I really have alot of fun making these for you guys thanks so much for giving me a chance Special thanks goes out to all who inspired me  you know who you are ^_^    Thanks for reading  guys — Kelvin” Mastergodai” Challenger Crimson: First off, my partner, it is ever a joy writing for you, working with you, and forging golden grains of awesomesauce from the iron pyrite we both start with. I can’t wait to see #300 together with you, Kelvin. Secondly, to our fans. Furs, what a long strange trip it’s been, so far, riding with you, living with the Rascals gang. There’s a lot coming down the pipeline, as we wanted to show with all these characters here. Get used to seeing them around; they’ll be back! And there’s lots to come for Rascals, as well. I can’t give away too much, but even with the humor and the pastel de fromage, there’s going to be a lotta growin’ going on, uh-huh-huh! :Elvis-pose, grin: Have fun with this special page, forgive us our nihongo, and have a great weekend, furs!!