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Rascals Pg 146: Sunny Side Up ..?

Rascals Pg 146: Sunny Side Up ..? published on
Mastergodai: My Back was giving me problems as of late feels much better today  Thank heavens So I bring you the This weeks Page Looks like someone from Chrissy’s Past has found her Why now of all times? Crimson: And now we see someone from Chrissy’s past, yes indeed… someone capable of shattering the civet with a few simple words and only a glance. Who could make her tremble like a kitten with only this? Who could have affected her so badly? You’ll find out in the near future, furs… but here it comes! The finale of this arc approaches swiftly!   And on a side note, guys… we’re all on the Forum fairly often (well, I’m there often, at least) and there’s plenty of places to post and chat about Rascals with us. In fact, there is a new topic on the Rascals forum, “Questions for the Staff”, that lets YOU post questions for us, that can be answered publicly! Go ahead and check it out if you’re a member already… and if not, join in and register; it’s easy and free!