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Rascals Pg 144: a Master Plan

Rascals Pg 144: a Master Plan published on
Mastergodai: Hiya guys a brand new day and a brand  new site stay tuned for more fun from all of us here at PS  looks like the girls have a plan on how to help Chrissy get her act together   Crimson: Yes indeed, it’s time to allez cuisine! And how does everyone like the new site, huh? This is only the start, guys, especially with Project Zero coming out to be available for viewing… but more on that, later. Now, onto more news… WE HAVE THE FORUMS B ACK!! Yes! You can register and login to the forums to post comments, chat about the comic, show off your skillz in fan-art (if you dun wana be part of the Fan-Filler Project, still running!) and just have good clean, furry fun. And we’ll actually respond! Go figure that, huh? Really, guys… give the forums a chance, all right? I’d like to see everyone there. Hope to see you soon.