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Rascals Pg 142: Digging a Ditch

Rascals Pg 142: Digging a Ditch published on
Mastergodai: Hiya guys looks like Class is in session with a hottie teacher to boot  I really like how this page turned out  Enjoy folks and remember Shop at Target !! viewers  of the Livestream will get that joke   ^_^ I’m Leaving Nooooowwwwwwwww! 😛    Crimson: Well, what have we here… Trevor has come back into the limelight… and it seems that he has something planned for Chrissy. And what’s this? Raven and Trevor talking to each other? Who could have seen this dynamic duo in action? Very interesting indeed, isn’t it? Though, there may be trouble in paradise on their horizon, who’s to say? And where is Chrissy running off to, now? Next week, furs… we will know more. And ten days before All Hallow’s Eve…. 😀