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Rascals Pg 140 : Illegal Plans ..of sorts

Rascals Pg 140 : Illegal Plans ..of sorts published on
Mastergodai: Hiya guys cant really think much of what to say about this page maybe its just …oh sorry i got distracted a bit there 😛  Crimson: Well, then perhaps I can enlighten our fans, partner. Though, I can see just WHY distraction can occur, heh. However, next week, yes, the Sacred Rules of Ravinism will be revealed to all those faithful! (For those who do not yet believe, there will be fan-art… of something or another by a person, who knows?) And yes, they DO have classes, and yes, we WILL be showing them! Hey, we promised it back in the day, and we live up to our words…! For the most part, anyways. ;D Though, what is this about Zoey… and work? With Reiko? Four girls having fun?? And Skye thought Rei would be jealous! Have fun ’till next week, y’all!