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Rascals Pg 139: Morning After Deux

Rascals Pg 139: Morning After Deux published on
Mastergodai: Hey there guys Today we go Back to try to Figure out what is going on in Chrissy’s Head  Making this page made me realise one thing  I think Im enjoying Drawing Zoey More and More heh  i mean look at those Melo…i mean Hair ! yeah thats it ! >.> <.<  Crimson: … the hair, huh? Oy. :facepalm, sigh: Anywho. Yeah, this is Chrissy trying to figure things out; what, did you think she enjoyed breaking her beau’s heart, huh? Huh?? …thank you. Anyway, I also figured it’d be nice to have an accent or two around here, so we slapped a southern drawl on Zoey, because you know… and I speak from close personal experience… that they do indeed grow ’em bigger in TX. Thank you and good night! ;D