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Rascals Pg 136: Who are you ?

Rascals Pg 136: Who are you ? published on
Mastergodai:   Oh No!  just when things were getting better it went Worse real Quick! ( no pun intended )  now what will happen to the future of these two maybe it’s time for raven to strike while the pan is hot eh? eh ? EH? AHHH!!  this page closes this arc and i also would like to announce that I will be taking a little break for a bit to hash out some surprises for you guys ^_^ if you guys want to send in any Fan art or guest comics Please feel free to send to Crimson or if by some chance he is not available you can send to me from my DA page or FA page follow me on twitter for updates when the story will continue ( dont ask for spoilers 😛 )  some who tuned into my last Livestream saw a peek at whats in store ^_^  Crimson:  My email is on my DA page, accessible from any of my comments here on PS. If anyone has ANYTHING for the Fan-Filler project (comic pages, fan art, what-have-you), just send it my way. Seriously, guys, all postings will be done by random selection. I’d just love to have more to select from, you know? Keep my inbox full of fun! About the break… yeah, I announced it during the LiveStream, so now it’s Godai’s turn to speak up. We’re taking a break for a while to restructure and get some awesomesauce items ready for all of our fans to enjoy. We’re not going anywhere, but we need to take a breath and work on some stuff. Time for the teasing to go away, but I’m sure that plenty of you guys will be surprised by the time that we’re done. We won’t be resting our laurels for long, however, so stay tuned for more Rascals when the pages return!