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Rascals Pg 128: attack of the Horndogs

Rascals Pg 128: attack of the Horndogs published on
Mastergodai: Ta Dah! Presenting the sexy high school outfit doesnt Jaz look so cute in ithad lots of fun making this page enjoy folks enjoy Crimson: It’s a pirate… no, it’s a ninja… NO! It’s Jazmin Asagi, school girl! Here she comes, to save the day! … or Azubah’s profit margins, that is, heh~heh. Loved you guys guessing last week, but here she is, furs… and she’s freaking out over all these guys, too. I’d raise the shop’s insurance premiums, if I was boss. What’ll happen when the change hits the coffers? Find out next week! Toodles!