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Rascals Pg 125: such a lovely voice

Rascals Pg 125: such a lovely voice published on
Mastergodai: Feeling much better ^_^ aside from recent Back Pains now we get back to the juicy stuff ! Looks like Chrissy  might have to break the news to Liona lets  hope she does before things gets way out of hand ( heh heh )  , thanks all for the birthday wishes i hope i continue to entertain for many more years to come Crimson: Yeah, I’m recovering as well, on the up and up. Personally, I like singing in the rain… and obviously, so does Liona. Even Chrissy has to admit that Liona’s got some pipes… and other stuff that’s great. Heh. :sneaks a peek!: Anyway, on a more serious note….A recent suggestion has come to our attention, guys. Therefore, from this point onward, both Godai and I are formally inviting our fans to craft and submit fan-filler pages, for selective and occasional use in the Rascals lineup. Basically, when we have a need of it, which will NOT be that often… one filler page will be picked and posted for that week. Now, here’s the details. The filler page has to fit the minimum pixel dimensions of the Rascals page itself; (800 px  wide)  we will not modd images or crop them to fit. Second, all fan-submitted fillers are to be sent to me, Crimson. I will be picking the fillers for storage, as well as which one to use when the need arises. My contact info is on my DA page, which can be linked from my Gravatar here on the posts. If anyone still needs it, just lemme know in a post and I’ll post the exact contact details, no worries. And last… we will not know when the fillers will be used. Do not expect them to come up swiftly, whether you give one or 100 images for use. The more you guys give, the higher possibility of my picking one to use… but that’s the whole nine yards of it. I hope to enjoy going over all of your entries, furs. Toodles!