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Rascals Pg 115:Mark her words

Rascals Pg 115:Mark her words published on 93 Comments on Rascals Pg 115:Mark her words
Mastergodai: I wish I had Quick’s smooth moves with the Ladies ^_^  oh Crimson you had something you want to say to our Audience ? Crimson: I am so glad that everyone enjoyed the Double Month. It was a huge success, as far as I’m concerned and it’s proven that we have one of the best fanbases around! There is going to be a lot more going on in the future, especially here on Rascals, so keep an ear to the ground and a sharp eye on the horizon, because we’re moving forward with the comic! Yes, some future projects are quite well-known by now, but there are some surprises waiting as well. One of them is coming up faster than you might think. On a side note, thanks for all your birthday wishes, guys! Toodles.