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Liona is SO going to whoop her bunny booty… X3

why Liona are you jealous of. Rei apologizing to your “Man” its not as if she is trying to steal him or anything.

Who ever really knows with Rei, she tries to get with every guy/girl at least once, I mean just look at the beginning she didn’t even know Chrissy a day and she tried getting with her, but who knows, Liona is just being Liona.

I’m guessing that she’s either jealous of Reiko’s attention or wants answers as to what happened back then.

Why not both?

I can’t tell if Liona is wimpering now because Reiko interrupted one of their only “alone” moments, or if it’s because she blatantly tried to take her man right in front of her eyes. Either way, i’m pretty sure the explanation will be a good one. if not in rectifying the situation, then in entertaining the curious masses.

>.> She didn’t try to take him. Something bad happened between Reiko and him, and she is being sincere.

i know, but i’m guessing liona wasn’t aware of their encounter back then, so she made assumptions.

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