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  • MrAMP

    Chrissy’s Mom has it going on!

    There….someone had to make the Stacy’s Mom song reference.

  • Jawara Pittman

    My oh my. Now I got to see who the dad is.

    • The_Rippy_One

      And if they are into threesomes…

      • Jawara Pittman

        I wouldn’t go that far.

        • The_Rippy_One

          fair enough.

    • BlackWind

      My sentiments exactly

      • Jawara Pittman

        Yeah, I wonder who he is.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Chrissy’s mom is a lion?!? FREAKIN AWESOME!!

  • Cyeca

    DAMN!! I don’t think that hose will work. All you’ll be doing is creating steam!

    • Gravedigger

      because soaking her white tshirt would only be nosebleed material

  • Christopher Stanley

    That is just..amazing lol her mom looks great and of course the guys reaction..priceless.

  • Jacobus Rex Peterson

    Dad is probably a technicly minded scottsman lol

    • BlackWind

      I’m guessing more a more common Feline because I’m guessing Chrissy took after her dad’s look

  • Argent

    And suddenly I’m reminded of Ryoko from the Tenchi Muyo OVA.

    This is not a bad thing. I am right there behind Josh.

    Also, for the love of all that is warm and fluffy, have Jahida show up in Chitsu Anddo Asu

    • BlackWind

      Too soon for that my friend as in C.A.A they are in Japan at the time in Rei’s mom’s Ryokan place

  • Kaeto

    Is Chrissy adopted? Because if she isn’t she sure didn’t get any of her mom’s genetic code.

    • BlackWind

      No not adopted but maybe she takes after her Father wouldn’t you say

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    By my calculations, it took him approximately 0.47 seconds to cave in. Lasted longer then most, tho.

  • Rick

    A lion!, awesome!

  • Timecapsule13

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! NOW THAT’S A SEXY MAMA!!!!!! Chrissies Mom needs to meet Kyoko and Reiko…..

  • Regulos14

    I think Godai is about to get a ton of requests over the weekend of Chrissy’s mom during his sketch stream. XD

  • GES280

    so Chris is from a southern area where people talk with the stereotypical down home drawl? for reference see super android 13 by Team Four Star.

  • BlackWind

    And so the Milf that dethroned Kyoko has just made her grand appearance, I wonder if Chrissy will plan to have either (a) have Quick meet her parents or (b) have her mom come over to where she’s at and introduce Quick then,

  • Dragoncat

    Poor boy… He is so not ready to meet Kyoko Usagi…

    Or her daughters…

  • Dragoncat

    And that’s a problem, because…..?

    • BlackWind

      You don’t want to be a home wrecker and break up a family now do you?
      Besides too many complications come afterwards

      • Dragoncat

        Compared to the other complications going on…now?

  • Gamma

    So it’s mandatory for EVERYONE to be smoking HOT!

  • AnonAnon

    … MILF isn’t enough to describe this… I can’t…

    • BlackWind

      Breathe relax slow n steady don’t faint now

    • Timecapsule13

      She’s not just a MILF she’s a woman that’s so sexy you want to marry her, and with how Chrissy is and with her response, I’d say her husband has no problems staying faithful to her….

  • Shadowkey392

    Damn…I wish I had that effect on girls…

  • Akira

    Hmm, she kind of looks like LeonKatlovre’s female persona

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    And yikes…

  • Cabouse

    Looks like Reiko’s mum might have competition on whose got a bigger bust. Master Godai can you shed some light on this I know Reikos mum is always in most pages mentioned to have the largest bust size but what about Skye’s Cousin and now Chrissy’s mum are they at about the same size?.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Huh, I did not see that coming.

  • Glenn Sellers

    “I’ll get the hose.” ROFLMAO. Just make sure it’s cold water Chrissy.