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Cast Call

Cast Call published on 78 Comments on Cast Call

         Howdy, fellow Draco–err, Rascals fans! RazorFox here.

        I’m kinda newish here, as, until recently, I did “The Draconia Chronicles” here at Katbox. But, ummm, I got a phone call from Katbox upper management, and I was reassigned to “Rascals.” Let’s see if I can pick up where MasterGodai left off. He left some big, ratty, smelly, really worn-in shoes to fill, and I hope to make you all proud!   Don’t worry, Godai’s not gone, but he got reassigned, too. Focus group research found that he’d be better-suited to do “The Eye of Ramalach.”   Thou shalt not question focus groups.     Anyway, I look forward to keeping the “Rascals” train humming along, as armies of Dragons and Tigers descend upon the Rascalsverse and continue their centuries-old war, where neither side remembers why they’re fighting, but are locked in an endless cycle of revenge.   Tons of fun!   Take care, my fellow Rascalsians (Rascalses? Rascallions? Rascalamadingdongs?), and thanks for reading!     =RazorFox.