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  • Bleu_Ace

    Sometimes your best friend to cry into is a pint or a tub of your favorite ice cream. Can’t knock anyone for that.

  • Jawara Pittman

    No it ain’t, but I think someone will make such. But better that she has ice cream, than bloodshed. But I do agree with Jazmin. This is not the time for jokes Kyoko. Gotta still watch her and prevent her from stuffing herself to death on ice cream.

    • Ogheneovo Whiteru

      I don’t know. It’s good to

    • Ogheneovo Whiteru

      I don’t know. I think a punch of comedy is a great way to get someone going before the real shit storm. Besides, look at that sad face eating ice cream. It needed that joke.

      • Jawara Pittman

        To Jazmin, it just wasn’t time for joking. She loves her sister, but she doesn’t want her constantly stuffing her face full of ice cream. Especially, when she has a ways to go.

        • She may have ways to go but at least we now know she is informed on the current status of Skye and Paige’s “relationship” so this will be resolved soon

          • Jawara Pittman

            But of course.

  • Regulos14

    Izzy is locked on. XD

    • Did you notice Jazmin is looking at Izzy looking at Chrissy’s bum with that (what do you think you’re doing) type look

      • Regulos14

        Yeah I noticed that but didn’t mention it cause it was like Izzy is temporarily taking over Reiko’s duties in the comic. 😛

      • Seiggrain Hart

        To be fair… I think we all want the peek of Chrissy’s bum that Izzy’s getting.

  • Ogheneovo Whiteru

    The Carrot Cake Ice cream exist, Mastergodai! Thank the Internet!!!

    • Justin Alden

      Saw a cheesecake Ice cream the other day at Baskin Robins.

  • spacefan1993

    Do they even make carrot cake ice cream? I like ice cream, but I’m not a fan of carrot cake, although the rest of my family is, so this might be an interesting treat for them.

    Also, Reiko looks super cute in the last panel. Just sayin’. XD

  • swedish_kitsune

    Love the poster of Taffy that hangs in the background.

  • Cameron Harrison

    Izzy wants to grapple with Chrissys awesome booty!

    • Yeah I see she would want to sample her goods if given a chance, but as of right now she don’t know what to think

      • Cameron Harrison

        Chrissy does have a booty that leaves people speechless.

    • Cathy

      and Jaz is looking at Chrissy thinking “bitch better not complicate our love triangle more”

      • Cameron Harrison

        This just adds fuel to the fire that is people wanting to see a pic of Chrissy and Izzy having some sweet les action.

  • Cathy

    god dang this page xD so much going on and yet i no point in pointing it out because their all straight forward and obvious things everyone else sees xD and theres no funny quip i can think of that can do justice for this page.
    i love it

  • Cory Tenorio

    Izzy quit staring!

    And I wonder how Skye is coping with all this?

  • Alexis Casto

    I would give Reiko a hug right now but I would be afraid of her strength, and boobs, killing me in a hug.

  • MrAMP

    I just find it hilarious that Issy is staring at Chrissy’s fine assets. And I suspect that Issy is going to be the one to cheer her up too…in bed. XD
    But kidding aside, nice touch on the humor.

  • mastergodai
  • Dragoncat

    You’d think Ben & Jerry would have had that flavor on it’s shelves … unless it’s in their graveyard (GASP!!!). I think it’s time for a revival!

  • Dragoncat

    Jazmin is right. It’s time to get serious. And Chrissy, dear… PUT SOME PANTS ON, WILLYA?!

    • Whatcha talking about she is wearing pants that’s not her bare fur bottom look at the shorts hem when she’s bent over

      • Jacob Freid

        To be honest, I made the same mistake, thought those shorts arent exactly leaving much for the imagination

      • Dragoncat

        She is…? [looks back to morning workout page] Oh… I see now. Never mind, Chrissy, dear.

  • Dragoncat

    Yesterday, Reiko binged on exercise. Today, it’s carrot cake ice cream. I shudder to think what she’ll binge on tomorrow if this keeps up.

  • Dragoncat

    More importantly, what is Reiko looking at? It’s too early for soap operas. Unless it’s that Bollywood channel. My mother loves those.

  • tych

    why is it that after reading this I want carrot cake ice cream?

  • Kenneth C.

    Seeing Reiko like that make want to think of the lyrics of this song:

    ♪All by Myself. Don’t want to be, all by myself anymore.♪

    Makes me want to think about Jimmy Fallon every time he does that.

  • Tristan Eifler

    Surprised we didn’t see a certain MLP: FiM reference here…
    *Weeps hysterically*
    Nom nom nom…
    *Weeps hysterically*
    Nom nom nom…

    • mastergodai

      LOL!!! oh man I need to catch up with MLP

      • Tristan Eifler

        *Gasp* Senpai noticed!

  • JohnnyCindahouse .

    That can’t be good for Chrissy’s spine. Did the exact same pose myself and it hurt.

    • mastergodai

      I just did it myself with no problems

  • Shawn Kennedy

    even if she is crying, she looks absolutely adorable

  • asebw

    That poor wallet hasn’t been that flat in so long, it’s gonna have an identity crisis.

    • Dragoncat

      It needs a cash transfusion! STAT!

  • Jahmir White

    I just love that cameo picture of Taffy that hangs in the background..

  • Maximo806

    locked on ass target!

  • Cathy

    look at jaz’s eyes in the top pannel xD.

    She sees Izzy, she aint happy.
    its like “excuse me, that ass belongs to me untill we get our Quick thing sorted out”

  • Viviano

    I have a doubt, is “Las Lindas” and “Rascals” in the same Universe?
    ( and also, any other comic is part of it ? )

  • Viviano

    And if so….do they have plans on making a crossover ( but a good one, I’m not saying it has to happen right now, just give the proper time and even make a whole arc or another series just for that )

  • GES280

    the title of this comic reminds me of one of my favorite blues songs.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Chrissy. Pants. Where are they?

    • Jacob Freid

      She is wearing shorts, they are just the same color as her accent-fur

      • Dakota Miyamoto

        Sheesh, first Sabrina and now her.

  • John Lasher

    Reiko is so adorable and funny in this sad moment. Also is Chrissy going commando in this moment?

    • Jacob Freid

      She is wearing shorts, they are just the same color as her accent fur

  • Zorro_Dorado

    They have no idea how I hate those cameos of Las Lindas in this comic. Especially, because they do not make sense. One thing is that one or more characters in this comic mention characters from Las Lindas, implying that Las Lindas and this comic are in the same universe, that they are. And another thing is to include illustrations of Chalo “Las Lindas” as a decorative element completely ruining the setting that takes place this comic. I can not wait for Riiser to finish burial this piece of shit once and for all.

  • Casey Williams

    I want that ice cream…..

  • Ignatian Mystic

    Jazmin: *speaking with her eyes* Izzy, don’t you even f*cking THINK about it. That ass belongs to Quick and indirectly, ME. Those two have already been through more flaming shitstorms in their relationship than any two people should ever have to deal with. If you make so much as a single move on that booty, I swear to God I will ninja-kick your well-toned ass into next year.

  • Shadowkey392

    I don’t know if Carrot Cake ice cream is a thing, but considering the number of other crazy flavours there are, I’d be shocked if it’s not.

  • Shadowkey392

    …Dear GOD, Reiko’s never looked so cute!

  • Soul_Est

    Mom jokes are just as bad.

  • Technochrom

    Chrissy you are currently looking at a future tumblr user