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  • Cory Tenorio

    IT’S A TRAP!!

    • Alex Dixon

      But dat ASS though…

      • AnonAnon

        One does not simply refuse “fun” when faced with such ass-ets

        • Cory Tenorio

          should he really be ASS-ociating with her after he just got Chrissy back? (yeah! scored a bun pun!)

          • GES280

            “bun pun” is also a pun in this case.

          • Cory Tenorio

            Two points then!

  • Christopher Stanley

    Nice rear shot there, shocked Quicks Nose didn’t have a blood explosion.

    • Shade

      He spends his days taking pictures of exceedingly attractive women (including Reiko) in bikinis/lingerie, while getting paid for it. He would have to have built up a tolerance to sexiness, otherwise he would have wound up in the hospital by the end of his first week. Repeatedly.

      • GES280

        well. he did end up in the hospital repeatedly, but what doesn’t kill him–

  • comp_lunatic

    Haha he survived so far. Even though he was walking on burning coal. Bittersweet though since I’m a Jaz fan. I don’t see what he sees in Chrissy..but I shouldn’t judge.

    • neksuscat .

      Well, Chrissy was there from the beginning and he really fought for her, and kinda won her heart.
      Jaz on other hand being cute and sexy self was a strong ninja that didn’t really associated with any boy.
      So I see pretty fine what he found in Chrissy.
      Before they broke up and he started seeing a nicer side of Jaz he didn’t really thought about being with her.
      Damn, Raven had more chances on that than Jaz before Quick started to hang out with Jaz.

  • CinnamonSalve

    Looks like Quick’s hit a bit of turbulence in his heart… He should be careful not to be swept away in Jazmin’s tail…wind.

  • Sixshot

    Hello, Honest? I’m Liar. And he’s Confused. Oh, and that one there? He’s Frustrated. Pay no attention to him.

  • Vevans0009


  • Paweł Grzybowski

    That rear…and that blush….yup something is going to happen 😉

  • BlackWind

    Jasmine may be relieved to hear the truth but she won’t do anything reckless that would make her regret any action taken

  • BlackWind

    Btw will we get to see Chrissy ‘ parents when she’s visiting them

  • Cathy

    quick needs to learn the word no >o<
    or at least learn to use it more

  • CyberDeinonychus

    Goshdarnit Godai… How did Jaz suddenly get so cute?! O_o

    • She never wasn’t cute. 🙂 But that’s personal opinion. She’s just loosening up.

  • Wolf2125

    In this case, I agree with Jazmin. A yes or no would have sufficed. When it comes to cute, sexy girls like Jazmin, don’t beat around the bush. If I were a character in this comic, I would straight up tell Jazmin I had feelings for her and go out with her in a heartbeat.

    • neksuscat .

      Even if you were already dating other girl, that you got things sorted out with?

      • Wolf2125

        More along the lines of if I wasn’t dating another girl already.

        • neksuscat .

          Well, the thing for Quick is – He’s DATING another girl right now, so he can’t ditch Chrissy and straight up tell Jaz that he likes her.
          Also, Jaz have experience with pervy guys, so Quick is a first guy that didn’t try to get into her panties.
          Others that will come to her with confession may be not as lucky. ^^;

          • Wolf2125


  • billbock

    Continuity error! first panel, her “fishnet underlay” (or what ever you call that garment) seem to stop in her shirt were any other panel show her having it go down into her pants (like were Quick would surely like to go)

  • Dragoncat

    All we need now is for Quick’s crazy mother to see them together, and she’ll have the chapel decorated within hours.

  • HunterWolf666

    i wonder if there is a picture of Quick I can use for my wallpaper :L

  • TheRebelLion96

    G – just be honest. XP

  • cr1ms0n t1ger

    We need an opinion of a professional. Edinmire guard Daniels, does she have the booty?

  • MrAMP

    Quick is all like saying no, but he’s too busy checking out Jazmine’s fine assets.

  • mr. anon

    So this is how Quick is “intending to make everything up” to Chrissy? What a jerk :/

  • Liberty Lemont

    uhm. i’m conserned with what jaz’s idea of “fun” is…

  • leepop7


  • DarkMyste

    Dat ass!!!

  • Raven Bloodrain

    I dont know if I have ever read anything like this… took me two days to read the whole thing! I read Sabrina online, and two kinds but this had me hooked..well played , well played….oh and of coarse somethings gonna happen to quick..hes been the center of the whole!