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Back Then Pt.2

Back Then Pt.2 published on 28 Comments on Back Then Pt.2
Hi guys here is a new one for you especially if your a Kyoko Fan XD  of of this scenario will be explained in Rascals Goyoku , and speaking of Goyoku I am Currently working on making some donation Counter to when a bonus page is Done For Both Rascals Goyoku and Project Zero ( thanks so much for being Patient ) AWA ( Anime Weekend Atlanta ) is Coming up Fast I will be attending the event’s Artist Alley Along with Danny Valentini  from The Draconia Chronicles and Antonio Galvan  Colors  for KnuckleUp we all hope to see you there .and Speaking of KnuckleUp New pages will Continue after AWA  ( once again thanks for being Patient XD ) getting everything ready  took a real toll on me and i needed to rest a bit . Anyways  Enjoy the new Page and see you next week XD