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  • Pieandcrazy

    Oh God, her friggin’ face! My sides are in orbit!

  • Jawara Pittman

    Oh damn, the complications, and implications, what the hell am I talking about?


  • Jake Miller

    “a sudden case of what the fucks”
    hahaha, awesome line 😀 (gonna have to use that one later)

  • OMG, best face ever:D

  • MrAMP

    Man…and here I thought nothing would surprise Rekio.

  • David Allen Ortega

    great I have a feeling that Rei is going to tell Chrissy or anyone… This is not going well in the next few pages…

  • David Allen Ortega

    And That moment we knew Rei is going to Ruin Quick’s life so fast…

  • David Allen Ortega


    • Dragoncat

      I’d say Reiko already ruined everything just by showing up.

  • Christopher Stanley

    Just when you think Quick is getting some good luck…BOOM! Reiko gets the What the Fucks…Poor Quick.

  • Cory Tenorio

    It looks like Quick is pinned under you with his chest exposed.

    • BlackWind

      Which begs the question how did that happen and why would Rei want to “snitch” on Chrissy without getting the facts straight 1st

  • Gamma

    Man must be “what the fucks” season, because it seems everyone is catching it!

  • xShadowdude17x


    • BlackWind

      How can they be “busted” when we don’t know how it even happened, this scene does not make sense

  • Taidoki

    Love how you made a shout out to the Luck Star OVA XD

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      True, but he may want to cite it at least somewhere, I know a certain webcomic critic who hates that stuff, and who happens to already have a somewhat negative opinion of the katbox comics

  • HunterWolf666

    Well i can’t wait to see how they got in that predicament

  • bladra

    well this just got akward

  • GOD THE REFERENCE!! XD (Though I saw the version where Kagami said “I want us to join our bodies~” XD One of the best animes!)

  • Dragoncat

    Let me guess… Either…

    a) Reiko wanted to take part in the fun
    b) Reiko just wanted to watch the fun
    c) When it comes to Reiko… Both!!!

    Tune in next week to learn everything that can happen in only twenty minutes…

  • Dragoncat

    JEEPERS CREEPERS!!! Where did she get them peepers?!? I wouldn’t let her drive in that condition…

    • Shade

      What The Fucks is a terrible disease. It wrecks your eyes, making you see things that don’t make sense, and messes with your brain, so that you make irrational decisions. Highly infectious, it can take years before symptoms manifest, though it does tend to flare up during awkward or embarrassing situations.

      • Dragoncat

        Wow… Almost like having the Shingles, when you put it like that. I still say she shouldn’t be driving…

        • Shade

          Thankfully, the symptoms can be resolved by in-depth explanations. There is no cure, unfortunately.

          • Dragoncat

            In-depth explanations… We are talking about Reiko, right? That may be too much for even her to swallow.

  • Wolf2125

    Well, this situation’s going to go sideways.

  • AnonAnon

    I’m going to use that line in future situations. I’m assuming Quick’s lack of attire was because in that 20 minutes he got whooped and she was checking for injuries.

    Also Reiko’s face is priceless xD

  • Cathy

    im suprised reiko. you really took your time getting to them. only 20 minutes to catch your sister doing stuff and things?

  • CJ

    here it is 3 in the morning and im trying not to burst out laughing and wake my roommate!! XD

  • Garth Rine

    In the case of a WTF Moment, please pull on the instant brakes. “SCREEECH!”