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  • D.V.

    Things are getting interesting. Let’s see where this goes.

  • Jawara Pittman

    How do you get home Reiko?

    • Argent

      Tap your heels together three times and repeat “There’s no place like home!”

      • Jawara Pittman

        If it was truly that easy.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Now kiss.

  • Tenebi

    Kid Reiko is glowing in the last panel! She’s doing something!

  • spacefan1993

    Come on, Reiko, you can do it! Beat your darker self and send her back into oblivion!

  • MrAMP

    Something tells me that the power is going to explode and Reiko is finally going to snap out of it.

  • LonLonMan

    All we need is Stan Bush singing in the background.^^
    Kick Her F—ing Butt Issy!

    • Brian

      Cause she’s got the touch, she’s got the powerrrrrrrr, yeah!

    • Juno Fairchild Lightbringer

      Which version though.?

  • Jahmir White

    Reiko finds herself in her most ultimate struggle ever;)

  • Dragoncat

    “Grapefruits?!” Don’t you mean “kick it in the …”?

    On second thought… Never mind.

  • Justin Alden

    “Kick it in the grapefruits”? Does that mean she’s gonna hit her chest?

  • Alexis Casto

    Welp, time to fire up the popcorn making machine I got for Christmas, who wants some white-cheddar popcorn? I got many different flavored seasonings too.

    • Golden Script

      i prefer kettle corn. have any of that? XD

      • Alexis Casto

        I got Kettle corn popcorn seasoning, will that work? 😀

  • tych

    why am I getting Xenogear flash backs?

    • D.V.

      You noticed this too?

      • tych

        I’m surprised anyone else got that reference that is an old game and I only know about
        it because I like the Xenosaga series and the miracle that is emulator

        • D.V.

          I owned the actual disc set for Xenogears, until it got stolen a long time ago. That, and Valkyrie Profile. Most of my stuff was taken after a break in 🙁

          • tych

            that is a sad break but the one thing people can never take your memories of them

  • Kiefer Charlesworth

    I remember when this started out as a story about characters in a college dorm apartment thingie, and one of them had affections for the cute cat girl.


    This is not a complaint by the way. Oddly enough, I’m okay with this. 😀

    • Shadizar Silvermask

      It’s called Genre Shift, seems like more than a few webcomics have started out like that, slice of life seemingly normal then suddenly or gradually it transforms into something else entirely.

      • I’am a Redguard!

        Nope, the Ninja stuff has been here since day one!

        • Shadizar Silvermask

          Which doesn’t change the fact that it originally was slice of life, just having ninja stuff didn’t actually make it part of a fighting anime or similar genre. The original focus wasn’t on that, unlike currently, so the genre has shifted.

          • Because it kinda originally focused on Chrissy and Quick but now that they’ve kinda “resolved” their problems. The comic is focusing on the side characters which are significant to the story as their ties to one another are a bit deep as they have been there for one another in the past (this also is a depiction of growth for this character Reiko being a popular one like her)