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  • Matthew

    So the true enemy of Reiko’s mind appears…

  • Jawara Pittman

    Oh CRAP, it’s never easy as it seems.

  • Dragoncat

    Speaking of “facing your fears”…

  • R.S. Laurent

    Oh SHIT!
    It’s the BRIDE!

    • The Bride huh? You think she’s gonna confront her n make out with her to give lil Rei a chance to run???

  • Justin Alden

    Kids gonna have to mature real fast, real soon…

    • KLiCK


  • spacefan1993

    Child Reiko is so adorable! I want to see more of her in the future! :3

  • Wolf2125


  • David Allen Ortega

    It’s about to go down!

  • Cory Tenorio

    Cue “Kill Bill” music

  • MrAMP

    Even as a kid, Reiko always goes for the boobs!
    No, but in all due seriousness, I suspect that this is going to be an internal battle where Kid Reiko is going to jump into.

    • Alexis Casto

      Hey now that is usually one of the first few things kids go for once born.

  • D.V.

    And here we go people. Moment of truth.

  • Kanashe – This currently sums up all my rage for this page, now let’s go into detail.

    Why in the name of Dagons swollen blue nutsack, does everyone go “Oh, we don’t hate you, we love you. It’s all our fault, you are completely blame free”, why can’t any of these dillweeds actually say how they DO hate Reiko call her out on her crap, saying how she needs to change her shit. An yes Reiko, there’s plenty of reasons to hate your stupid ass: You screw anything that walks, you act like a massive bitch that says “Eff being responsible and mature”, you act like the world owes you everything. An yet nobody calls her out, and yet when they do she throws the “I HAS AN EVIL CURSE! PITY ME!!!” card and then continues being the same bitch she always has been.

    • Roccano

      I hate to sound like a broken record, but if I dont say it, someone will. If you dont like the direction the comic is going, then why are you still reading? If you dont like the current story arc, stop reading and come back when a new one begins.

      • Kanashe

        Because I’m allowed to voice my dislike about the current story arc and it’s problems? So, the “don’t like don’t read” argument doesn’t work here.

        • Roccano

          Actually it does work here. If you dont like a food. You dont eat it. If you dont like a smell, you distance yourself from it. If you dont like a book, you set it down and forget about it. Its the same concept.

          • Kanashe

            No, no it bloody doesn’t. The “well, don’t like don’t read” was always a BS excuse, used by people who cannot come up with a good counter argument. It’s on the same level of “well, I’d like to see YOU do better”, both are BS excuses.

          • LonLonMan

            Just like your whining opinions is total BS.You don’t like the Current Story arc. We get it and yes you’re entitled to your said opinions. But I agree with Roccano because this person’s right If you don’t like it then quit reading it and just like you we’re entitled to our views and we don’t have to agree with you or your dislike about the current story arc and it’s problems as you pointed out. And since the “don’t like don’t read” argument doesn’t work here…Also your own words…How about we agree to disagree and move on. Or is that BS too.

          • Kanashe

            How about we agree that you guys stop acting like easily offendable fanboys, mkay? If you’re gonna say that my “whiny opinions” are BS as well, then please do explain how. Going further, am I forcing you guys to agree with my views? I don’t believe I do, instead you’re the ones who are commenting on my response with the tired “Well, dun like it don’t read, you big meanie!”, and well as I said that is just a BS excuse made by people who cannot come up with a good counter argument. So, with that in mind do continue to enjoy the story arc, despite how badly written it is, but don’t come to me and say how my dislike is ruining your enjoyment and you don’t like it. It just makes you come off as a fanboy who is pissy because someone dared to voice their dislike on something they find bad.

          • LonLonMan

            Whatever Buttercup….What ever justifies your existence right?

          • I’am a Redguard!

            I thought the fact that he exists justifies his existence?

          • Golden Script

            the “don’t like it, don’t read it” saying is actually very valid. yes, you have a right to voice your opinion of what is happening. but that’s when you first stop liking where it’s going. you voice your opinion at that moment and then wait until it gets better. but constantly commenting on every other page is very irritating for some people who like to read the comments to see what others think of this specific page, not the ark as a whole. and seeing you saying this on almost every page will get on their nerves. to them you’re just spitting the same crap over and over (although in this instance you where saying something specifically about this page and it’s a new gripe rather than when you where complaining about how the comic was turning into a boob-fest)
            how would you like it if you where in their shoes and had to constantly see someone berate something you like? especially when to you it looks like they’re just saying the same thing over and over?

          • D.V.

            If they come off as fanboys, because you say so, then they have the right to see you come off as a hater, because the way you voice your opinion, just as well as they have voiced theirs. That makes things even. You know, people wouldn’t have to actually put up with your posts, if you registered yourself on disqus. And you wouldn’t have to do so with them. Instead of intentionally rendering yourself in full anonymity with just the name alone, so they are forced to see your posts. It’s a bit difficult to ignore, when you drop a wall of text that goes unavoidable.

            The sheer fact that they can’t block your posts, so neither you or them won’t have to put up with any of it, so you can state your opinion in peace, is enabling this absurd back & forth arguing by proxy.

            The way that your posts can come off to some, will by proxy allow people to react a specific way that we are aware you don’t give two fried eggs about. That’s just life. Neither you, or everyone else wants to put up with each other. As much as I’d like to be saying “water is wet” in this instance, that’s just what I see.

            Initially, I didn’t have a problem with you, but like someone else has said, it’s getting on people’s nerves, and I’m not even a “fanboy” of the comic. I just like seeing what people have to say on it. But it comes off as cringe inducing when there’s one person intentionally giving negative stuff, in hopes the artist would change, just because of said reviewing.

            Don’t bother replying to my post, I’m not going to read it, or continue the conversation.

          • CazzT

            The whole “don’t like it, don’t read/play/eat/do it” is nothing but a cop out to justify mediocrity and/or bad decisions. While it may technically be a valid thing to say, that doesn’t make it any less of a lame defense for mediocrity. I just wanted to point that out completely apart from the level of quality of the current story arc. Please stop using this as a defense, regardless of the topic.

          • D.V.

            I use what I want, when I want to, simply because I can. I don’t need to have any verification of such actions outside my own will to post. If you have to say that to me, you must say that to everyone else. In fact, my post was not even involving you, as I’ve got no beef with you. But since you clearly only spoke to me, and not anyone else on the matter, then it remains as such.

          • CazzT

            You were the one who was really pushing the case for “don’t like, don’t read”. This is a public forum. It doesn’t matter if you were addressing me or not, in a public forum, anyone can chime in.

            As for what I said, I say it to anyone who uses that cop out. You’re not special in that regard.

            I don’t know why you’re taking this personally, since I wasn’t targeting you specifically, but that implies you have some sort of guilty conscience about this.

            I don’t care if you respond to me or not, but the fact you got so butthurt about it says that you’re triggered about something. I honestly don’t care if you are, but you made claims that I singled you out, which is a blatant lie.

  • So wait a minute you mean to tell me that suddenly Izzy just entered Reiko’s psyche during a battle outside in the real world, and now she’s interacting with Rei’s younger self to when the essence first manifested itself in her mind??? (or “chronological soul”) hmm curiouser curiouser

  • Shadowkey392

    Knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.

  • Jesse Wan

    Best Ending: “I wanna hug, too.”

  • Jahmir White

    So I guess Issy faces her most ultimate Challenger yet!

  • LonLonMan

    Let the battle for Reiko’s soul begin!………Ready…….FIGHT!

  • Guinness Bruce


  • foxy game greek


  • Timecapsule13

    Welp, seems like I was correct about it being similar to Bruce Banner and the Hulk… yay!!!!! But that also means… crap…. we’re gonna have to deal with some major problems in the upcoming pages.