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  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    OK. what. the. fuck. just what is this woman?

  • R.S. Laurent

    And YOU get a powerup!
    And YOU get a powerup!
    And YOU get a poweruP!
    and you……………

    • Shadowkey392

      You ALL get powerups!

    • Dragoncat


  • Wolf2125

    OK, NOW THAT’S HOT!!!!!! I LIKE IT!!!

  • spacefan1993

    Issy has gone Super Saiyan! XD

    • Overlord

      super sayan god XD

  • Guardianassassin

    Are issy and reiko sisters or something

  • Shawn Kennedy

    Its like anime, i have no clue whats happening, but its cool enough that i don’t care.

  • Bleu_Ace


  • ZLTarkad

    Hmm, Issy looks nice with red hair. But at the same time makes me think a little bit of Eliza from Project Zero. Don’t know what’s going on in how she got the power up but looking forward to finding out if it is ever explained.

  • Kaeto

    While Reiko’s is a demon of rage, Issy has the angel of hope.

  • Gocho

    She became a Jostar

  • tych

    …really dragonball rip off okay why not Reiko better get her ass kicked other wise I will be pissed

  • francesco alias

    Rascals ball Z? ahahahah, epic.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Round two.


  • Cathy

    you know… i remember this comic being about college roomates
    not that im complaning

  • John Lasher

    Izzy has activated habanero mode

  • Cameron Harrison

    GOd damn Izzy looks good with pink hair AND red hair!!

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    Poor thing, it’s totally not all her fault. Reiko’s mother should have found an actual solution to her problem years ago instead of hoping that a bandaid would actually do the job. For that matter Reiko should have looked into and found an actual solution to her problem instead of relying on a seal that could be easily broken to keep her problem under control.

  • Kanashe

    Screw you with your ‘It’s my fault” blame game you walking excuse for a doormat. ‘Cause ya know, of all this cavalcade of clowns, we cannot possibly blame the Mega Bitch aka Reiko, because “oh boo-hoo, the poor girl has a demon inside her AND her squeeze broke up with her”. No, ofcourse we cannot because the world owes her a cookie and a hug.

    • Anonymous

      Oh f**k off, Captain Butthurt.

      • CazzT

        Kanashe has a point, though. Everyone is trying to blame themselves and no one is blaming Reiko. All this could have been prevented if Rei hadn’t been such a dumb bitch about the whole thing.

        • D.V.

          Yeah, while Kanashe came off pretty crass, and sounded salty as all get out, I can see the point coming across. Rei appears to have a lack of confronting what is going on with herself, because of the “curse” she has, and is openly avoiding anything that might make her harm others.

          However, she is doing more harm to herself, by not getting some kind of handle on the situation. Just sealing it off isn’t really enough, and we all saw just what it took to break that seal.

          If she is to really keep it from being a problem, she would have to had embrace & understand it fully. But that doesn’t appear to ever be a thing now. Let us see where this goes, now that somehow Izzy has gone Super Saiyan.

        • Kanashe

          Honestly, aside from those things what makes me REALLY hate Rei is the fact how simply irredeemable she is as a person. Like, from what we’ve seen she’s by far the biggest slime ball in this group, but somehow nobody calls her out on this shit and if they do she just pulls the “I HAS AN EVIL DEMON CURSE IN ME! WHAAAA!!!” card and expects everyone to just pity her right off the bat.

          • CazzT

            Similar thing with Miles in Las Lindas. He gets constantly shit on and told how horrible he is, but damn near everyone else on the farm is a complete piece of shit and that makes him look like a saint.

          • D.V.

            Bingo, that’s right on the money. It’s like that saying goes: “Until you address and fix the very problems you say are wrong with you, you’re just making more excuses”. That is what happened with Miles, and what has happened with Rei is indeed similar. The only downside, is that like I explained earlier, sealing it all isn’t going to be enough.

            Should this get sealed off again, Rei herself is gonna need one helluva reality check to see the mistake she made in herself, as a result of all this. She could have prevented this other side of her from taking over, had she developed some kind of responsibility for all of her actions, and own up to the things she know is wrong with her. And because too many people give her compassion, it’s allowed her to build up this barrier, that was never needed in the first place.

          • Kanashe

            Why do I have this strange feeling that by the end of this arc, Rei will learn jack and instead everything will just be handed to her on a silver platter, starting with everyone blaming themselves and ending with her boy toy coming back to her, with a “We’re sorry it’s our fault Rei” card next to it.

          • D.V.

            It’s not an uncommon thing to happen. I’m placing my money on her not learning anything from this, even long after the fact. Bottom line: All of this is really her own fault, for a few obvious reasons.

            1. She relied on the seal, instead of coming to terms with understanding the very thing she has currently become

            2. She pushed people away (Specifically Skye), because she was afraid of what it could do.

            3. She hasn’t learned anything, or owned up to what has manifested.

            If there is anything Rei needs once this arc is over, is she needs to have a full-on restructure of her overall personality & livelihood. She shouldn’t bank on everyone else potentially putting in her mind, that everything will be back to normal, especially Skye. And Skye would be a complete idiot to try and reconcile things with her, after they parted ways.

            Will it work out in the end? Maybe. But for it to really work, she needs a complete revamp of everything that is wrong with her as a person & in her actions.

        • Shadizar Silvermask

          It’s not all on Reiko though, her mother contributed since it doesn’t look like she’s done anything to actually solve the problem. Other than using a seal to temporarily contain things she doesn’t appear from what we’ve seen in the comic to have done anything since to find a more permanent solution. Yes Reiko hasn’t either but her mother should have been trying as well but doesn’t seem to have done so when she knew exactly how dangerous her daughter is without the seal keeping her under control.

    • D.V.

      Saltier than the dead sea. Jesus Christ.

      • I’am a Redguard!

        Is it really being Salty or just telling the Ugly Truth?

        • D.V.

          Depends on the interpretation of the context of everything before & after the knowledge of Rei’s “curse”, and now seeing how much preventable it could have been.

  • MrAMP

    Wait a minute…what the what? Did she go all Super Sayian God on us? For that matter, how? Does she have some kind of hidden potential that we don’t know about or did sleeping with Reiko grant her some kind of super power?

    • Shadizar Silvermask

      Given the setting it’s possible a lot of people have hidden potential due to some forgotten or unknown bloodline just waiting for an event to awaken it.

    • I’am a Redguard!

      A Superpowed STD?

  • Red Tygon

    I really hope Issy is in to stay and doesn’t leave after this, MAN is she bad-ass!

  • Ignatian Mystic


  • Judgey Johannes

    I really just want a page with nonstop ass kicking for a minute. Well, two pages honestly.

  • Shadowstorm5000

    Soooo…. zenkai boost?

  • Jahmir White

    I just love how they became both badass and awesome at the same time.