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  • Jawara Pittman

    Time to be DONE with this.

  • Wolf2125

    Damn. I didn’t see that coming.

  • masterreviewer1000

    Oh goody it’s finally here! Let the fun continue!

  • Cameron Harrison

    Kyoka aint got time for any more of this! Now shes gonna clean house!

  • Jacob Freid

    Sweet tits. that is some tough love

  • ooo.. interesting..

  • Maxime Cuisset

    “im techincally all of her negative emotions wrapped all into in a VERY dangerous package! ” Yeah, kinda like TNT !

    • Alexis Casto

      Hopefully she doesn’t explode like TNT, that would be a mess.

      • Maxime Cuisset

        that reminds me of a time i fought a possessed character in a table roleplay game. he exploded in a shower of blood and bone on me, thankfully i shrugged off all the damage, good times.

        • Alexis Casto

          Pff, if only you can do this in real life.

  • Tatsurou

    Huh. So it is the X-Men live action movie version of Phoenix.
    Only question now is WHY.

  • MrAMP

    Wait, so the demon part of Reiko is all her negativity incarnate. Way to go Issy..You had to bring on Reiko’s dark side. It’s like Rush in Knuckle Up in a way when she turned all evil and sexy and strong at once.

    Also, I can see the mother daughter fighting is going to be epically hot! ^_^

    • vgmaster9

      Don’t you just love how tough they all are?

  • Jean-François Masson

    Hoooo boy, mama bunny just got involved, this is gonna be… interesting is the word i’ll use for now.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Mother to the rescue! Also that’s a big ninja scroll.

  • Justin Alden

    A mother motivated is not a force one should stand against.

  • KLiCK

    When a mom comes out… it’s done.

  • Jahmir White


    • The thing is how much stronger has that essence grown since the last time it was free?
      This time around we don’t know if dear Mother can handle her without hurting her in the process.

  • R.S. Laurent

    So i WAS correct………
    It IS a “Hulk” scenario………..
    Her doubts, fears, sadness, grief have coalesced and split off, forming their own personality
    With unfettered access to her powers no less……….

    • Timecapsule13

      Yep, though I always disliked them making them separate personalities, since having negative emotions that need to be controlled is an actual thing that happens, but it’s never a separate personality, or atleast we have no actual documented case of them forming one.

      • Inqu

        Three words, “Dissociative identity disorder” its a real thing and documented…

        • Timecapsule13

          I know what that is pal, if you take a psych class you would learn that there have been no reported cases of any personalities from this disorder being overly violent. While each personality is different, as far as all studies have shown is that they all tend to share a set of morals. I have also gone to school with a kid who was diagnosed with it, he had a hostile personality but the most it would do was be a complete asshole, not actually hurt anyone physically.

          • Inqu

            “Yep, though I always disliked them making them separate personalities, since having negative emotions that need to be controlled is an actual thing that happens, but it’s never a separate personality, or atleast we have no actual documented case of them forming one.” You said there was no reported cases of it being a separate personality so this whole “not being overly violent” crap out of nowhere is bullshit, or did you forget i could go back and read your comment and quote you? They are separate personalities, and are documented as such, being “overly violent to actually hurting someone” has nothing to do with anything of your original comment “pal” and just because one person out of 7+ billion people was only an asshole doesnt mean anything, and not everyone goes to a professional to get “documented”

          • Timecapsule13

            And you don’t get it, most cases of, as most people would say, Multiple personality disorder, forms for different reasons, what I was bringing up is a case of overwhelming emotions, not a separate personality, a person with multiple personalities is different from what I brought up, you are aware of what is happening, you are aware of your actions, yet you can’t really control anything, your body is controlled by those emotions. Multiple personality, you aren’t aware of those other personalities, not consciously, you can be told about them, and be made aware that they exist, but you won’t have their memories as your own, and how they deal with emotions and how emotions effect them is different. I have gone to school with a kid who has multiple personality disorder, I myself am a person who has to keep his negative emotions in check lest they get out of hand and quite literally control my life, it’s part of the reason why I always have music and a good book on hand, they keep me calm, cheerful, and help me to suppress those emotions.

  • Dragoncat

    Well, looks like Mommy is all dressed for battle. I was hoping to see more card tricks, but this should be interesting.

  • Dragoncat

    I’ve been meaning to ask… Who does Jazmin get her ears from? A grandparent, perhaps?

    I mean, she’s a beautiful rabbit and all, but she doesn’t seem to have the family ears, that’s all…

  • Shadizar Silvermask

    Sealing isn’t the solution, it’s just trying to bury a problem rather than deal with it. She has to face, address, and overcome those negative feelings so that they’re dealt with and purged rather than suppressed. They’ve been using the easy (relatively speaking) bandaid fix of sealing because of the emotional suffering required to overcome those negative feelings, not realizing or hiding from the fact that it would lead to a much better and more long-term solution.

    • R.S. Laurent

      BULLSEYE my good man!
      The question is, WHERE are all these repressed emotions EMANATING from?
      At the risk of sounding like an armchair Psychologist, we haven’t heard very much about her father is this series, if anything at all……
      Perhaps the root of her fear of loss stems from his absence?

  • Timecapsule13

    Oh…. I understand it now.. her negative emotions are too strong. While this is a unrealistic and comic take on it, people can have negative emotions that need to be kept in check to keep them from being a danger to themselves and those around them. And yes, people who have this problem, if they let those emotions loose can get stronger while under the influence of those emotions, in a similar fashion to adrenaline affecting the body during a high stress scenario. While typically not resulting in a separate personality, infact it almost never does, this is what characters such as Hulk, and Evil Reiko here, are based around based on what we are seeing here, only with the negative emotions forming their own personality.

    • Ignatian Mystic

      That’s hardly what this is at all. This isn’t JUST her negativity. Reiko has the chi/spiritual energy of an Oni (Japanese demon) inside of her. It’s what surfaced when she broke Nick’s arms way back. That chi latched on to her negative emotions and turned them into THIS thing that Reiko has become. It’s not Evil Reiko– it’s “all my suppressed dark emotions have been charged with demon power and are now at the controls” Reiko.

      • Timecapsule13

        While it may be a demon inside of her, how it acts, is a lot more like what happens with Hulk/Bruce Banner, than really every other character from comics, movies, books, and even old stories, about people having demons inside of them. I mean, it really acts a lot like Hulk/Bruce Banner.

  • Ignatian Mystic

    Ninja battles and big MILFy titty squishes– two of my favorite things combined on one page.

  • Sly Fox

    Why not someone just try talking to her? Has talking ever been tried?!? So much negativity why? No one makes her talk about it!

    • Shadizar Silvermask

      It seems when she’s like this they don’t bother talking they resort to sealing. Part of it might be because of the difficulty in restraining her and talking things out although I think the lion’s share is just that they don’t want to deal with the kind of serious, soul-baring conversation required to purge the negativity and give her the cathartic release that would leave her whole and in control.

  • Cameron Harrison

    Also that big Pink bunny boob squish!

  • Classy_Colibri

    I wish Godai would stop drawing such exaggerated boobs on his female characters. I mean, I know Reiko’s mom always had huge tits, but their size here in this last panel of this page is just ridiculous. They look like balloons, and they look VERY impractical for the upcoming fight… I’ve never understood what guys find so attractive about massive boobs on fictional characters. For women like me, it’s just cringeworthy to look at, as I can only wonder how Kyoko (that’s her name, right?) can still stand straight with such weight on her chest…

    • oof

      I completely agree with you on that one. The more I look at this stuff the more I cringe at the breast size, and I’m not even female. I’m all for someone having their own style but HUGE tits that just get bigger every few panels in an otherwise serious moment just kills the mood for me and makes this comic come off as one of those rushed edgy power tripped fanfics that include tits every so often.

  • oof

    Gonna be honest the tits are just too big for me to take it completely seriously.

    • Phasperous

      You do realize that…pretty much this entire comic series is just big, well endowed ladies with men as background characters with pretty much nothing but comedy. Right? I mean sure it has it’s emotional tender moments but if anyone is taking this whole series seriously then they are being too serious themselves.

      This is more of a drama series if anything, but more on the side of comic relief.

      • oof

        Refer to Classy_Colibri’s comment for a better understanding of the problem. And while most of the comic is meant to be a comedy then at the very least make these serious moments have impact and not lose it’s “oomph”.

  • Kanashe

    Well, this has turned into a bullshit and a half. Can we just call of Rei and call it a day, because I’m sure nobody will miss her ass.

  • Yeah! Looking forward to seeing you next year ♥

  • Proforce

    Hmm….no one’s said it yet? OK, guess I will.

    Nightmare Reiko.