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  • deathknight

    eh get some aspirin and bandaids ready

    • Dragoncat

      And call 9-1-1 while you’re at it.

      • Smallfoot

        or a mortician

  • Cameron Harrison

    oh boy…looks like this ‘technique” gives Rei a totally different personality. PLEASE don’t let Issy die!

  • Patrick Croft

    I believe what we have here is a classic case of a being let lose to control the body its trapped in being held by said “seal” in the last page…

    • Sol

      So, pretty much being a walking Naruto knock off. Greaaaaat…..

      • Patrick Croft

        Ya but you have to admit that this is much cooler if this really is the case, no building up to the moment and just straight to it

        • Sol

          Also not hinting at this thing for an entire comic (aside from one mention), and thus making it seem like a super lazy ass pull.

      • KCKitsune

        I agree with you Sol, this is a bit silly.

      • W.D. Gaster

        not really i think in this case she couldnt handle her inner demons so she sealed em….like the whole conquering your inner demons thing cept she sealed em and they grew that much stronger.

        • only because she was adding “Fuel” to the Fire that’s already burning at the seal slowly until it “snapped” now she’s gonna get what she wished for

      • CazzT

        Naruto was not the first manga or anime to do that. It’s just the one that most people know of because Naruto is so popular. And people crap on the idea because “reeeeeeee its popular!!!! reeeeeee”. It’s a cool trope when done well. And I don’t see it as a negative in Rei’s case. I was expecting something different, but I’ll enjoy this as long as it’s not done poorly.

        • Sol

          1. It’s not a cool trope, it’s a lazy as hell trope; 2. In Rei’s case it’s worse, since not only are we stuck with an airheaded bimbo whom we for some reason should feel sorry, because she broke up with her fucktoy of a boyfriend, but now she also has hidden Super Ninja powers, screw that noise.

          • CazzT

            1 – That can be said about literally everything. It’s also extremely subjective.

            2 – I can’t entirely disagree with you here. Your assessment of Rei’s behavior and personality are pretty much the same as mine.

  • Raptor052

    Meanwhile a Junior High punk from Japan learns his ancestral father was into some interesting shit.

  • D.V.

    *Dana White Voice*
    And Here We GO!

  • Cory Tenorio


  • Wolf2125


  • Cathy

    well that escalated!

  • cooladelic

    *Starts chanting* Slaughter, Slaughter, Slaughter, Slaughter!

    • Just Another Furry Wolf

      Let’s not get carried away… Ahh what the hell; Slaughter, Slaughter, Slaughter, Slaughter!

      • Golden Script

        Slaughter slaughter slaughter!

    • Brian

      Laughter, Laughter, Laughter, Laughter!

  • Wolf2125

    OK the look in Rei’s eyes is scary right now.

    This is not going to end well.

    • Dragoncat

      And her ears are perked up. That’s never a good sign.

  • Justin Alden

    What is it about epic fist fights that begs the presence of big, bright hair and torn pants?

  • Marxman1313

    Reiko is not here at the moment, please leave a message after the scream.

    • Brian

      There is no Reiko, only Zuul!

  • Edward Wilson

    Abd then issy realized. She dun goofed

  • bladra

    Oh dear someone best stop this before something bad happens

  • Glenn Sellers

    Oops. Wrong thing to say.

  • swedish_kitsune

    something something Naruto joke something darkside

  • Jahmir White

    This should be Issy’s final punishment!

  • R.S. Laurent

    That’s NOT Rei speaking to her is it?…………….
    Things are about to get MESSY……

  • Lightning Gear

    It was at this moment issy knew….she fucked up!

  • Argent

    Ah, fuck, I can’t believe you’ve done this.

  • warhawk

    Well… Nice knowing ya, Issy.

  • Kiefer Charlesworth

    Super saiyan big tittied martial artist bisexual?

    Effing awesome. Stuff like this and TwoKinds really should get turned into anime cartoons or something.

  • spacefan1993

    Oh, boy. She’s screwed. I sure hope Reiko’s mother is watching, because she’s going to have to seal whatever took over Reiko away again.

  • Zorro_Dorado

    I never imagined that this comic could become worse than Las Lindas. It is a sad day indeed.

    • Seth

      What do you mean? How can anything be worse than las lindas?

      • Zorro_Dorado

        Let me explain it to you in the best way possible; Reiko
        can not control that power because she usually loses control, and she
        did not use it again because, in the past, she hurt Skye’s arms when he
        tried to stop her because when she enters that mode she loses control of
        her emotions and It is difficult to differentiate between friend and foe. BUT here she not only did not lose control of her true power but she controls it better than expected, quite well indeed. And they want to know what’s the worst of it? The
        fact that Reiko has done all this completely ruined what her character
        is and everything that has to do with her, as well as virtually the
        whole story of Rascals in general. Why? First, Reiko is a complete idiot. She feared to use her true power because of the above mentioned which has to do with what happened in the past; which left her with a trauma, obviously. The
        trauma that Reiko has is that she is afraid to use her berserker mode
        because she can lose control of her mental faculties and hurt someone
        who does not deserve her, as someone who is important to her for
        example. Ergo,
        a person who has a trauma like that would not do something as stupid as
        giving in to such an irresponsible and inconsiderate request from
        someone like Issy just to prove that Reiko, well, has a trauma and must
        overcome it to go ahead, to knowing
        that if she does it could seriously hurt her friend or worse,
        negatively impacting on her own psyche causing not only her mental state
        to worsen for her but in doing so could make her take longer to recover
        from that trauma, or perhaps never. There
        is nothing wrong with helping someone overcome a trauma, but the
        problem is that getting a person to do it usually takes months or even
        years and that kind of thing is usually done by a professional who is
        certified in psychology and such things. Issy, he has no experience in psychology or anything at all. How
        could anyone think that it is a good idea to give in to a request from a
        person like Izzy who is also an idiot and has no personality
        whatsoever? So, at this first point, Reiko gave in to someone like Izzy because she’s a fucking idiot.

        Second, Izzy is not only an idiot with no remarkable personality, but also a bad person. I will not extend much at this point because they must imagine the reason for that. Izzy
        is a bad person because, LITERALLY FORCEED HIS GIRLFRIEND TO DO

        Third. Reiko’s mother is a bad mother. Number one spot. If
        for some reasons that the comic does not explain properly, Reiko lost
        control of his power and gravely hurt the arms of his friend Skye when
        he tried to calm her, which by the way has a completely ridiculous name,
        why his mother never rebuked her for what happened? Given
        that Reiko knows martial arts because her mother taught her, like
        sister, should not the mother have slapped her, or one or more punches
        and / or kicks in the worst case, followed by a sermon (with or without cries) for what happened? Point number two. If
        Reiko developed a trauma because of the aforementioned, why did her
        mother never take care of her by taking her with someone for
        psychological treatment or something with a professional? Reiko
        developed a trauma because of that incident, and her mother does not
        seem to mind in the slightest her mental health, what the hell is wrong
        with her ?! Tell me!! Point number three. Kyoko
        knowing the fact that her daughter, Reiko, has a trauma and can not use
        the berserker state, for fear of losing control and / or seriously
        hurting someone or worse, she did not ask for help from anyone, friends
        or other relatives ,
        nor the corresponding authorities, not even her other daughter to watch
        over her and make sure she was well, as well as give her moral support
        and things, help her to establish relationships with other people so
        that she has friends and more, but not . Number four. Kyoko
        despite having raised her two daughters, not to mention that she is a
        ninja, I never, I repeat, never realized that Izzy, Reiko’s friend could
        become something stupid that might or might not be related to that
        “supposed” curse and do something about it like going to make sure that neither did something stupid, irresponsible and / or dangerous, but not. Nothing of that. Kyoko,
        Reiko’s mother, did almost nothing in that sense, and even if she did,
        it did not seem like she had given it much importance, especially since
        we are talking about a person (Reiko) who is a living walking weapon of
        destruction in the worst of scenarios could cause serious damage to structures, as well as people, in case of berserker mode. In conclusion, Reiko’s mother is a bad mother and a bad character in general, next!

        Fourth. Reiko’s sister, Jasmine. By the way, how is it possible that only one daughter of Kyoko has a Japanese name and the other does not? Consistency is something non-existent in this comic apparently. Ahem, as I said. I
        mention Jasmine at this point because she is part of the problem,
        regarding what happened with Reiko in the “incident” so here it goes. The
        problem with Jasmine is simple, SHE IS THE FUCKING REIKO SISTER, and
        even if she had differences with her sister, I’m sure she would not
        stand idly by just to see how negative feelings affect the psyche of Reiko that way for what happened in the “incident.” Not
        only that, but I’m sure that if Jasmine is a good person as she is
        described in the comic book generally, she would not lower her guard
        with her sister or take it so lightly, especially in the face of the
        fact that Skye broke with she (Reiko) provoking negative emotions causing her to become unstable. In
        addition, Jasmine is a ninja with rules similar to the anime series
        Naruto (for the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster this is so stupid) and
        having training in martial arts and everything that has to do with being
        a ninja, he
        would follow closely to know what is his mood, how is his interaction
        with other people in order to gather information, and if it were to
        happen the worst to take action to help his sister in case Reiko creates
        another “incident “either by preventing it from occurring or by attempting to mitigate its damages. So, I guess you should have realized where I’m going with this, right? In
        short, Jasmine knew everything about the “incident”, that is to say
        everything, and did nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop what happened
        in the pages that were shown up to now and still less to alert his
        mother of what happened between Reiko and Skye. I have nothing more to say about it, she sucks as a character.

        3087/5000 All
        that I wrote above is the last nail in the coffin of this comic. All of
        Reiko’s plot that she was afraid of using her berserker mode because of
        the “incident” and that because of that she could not have a serious
        relationship with Skye because she felt guilty for having hurt him
        severely causing a trauma that still persists. Ergo, SHE could not be
        with Skye the way he had proposed it because SHE was afraid of hurting
        him again or worse, as well as anyone else. BUT as you will see in these
        last pages, the story is different. That is, the whole plot between
        Reiko and Skye after the “incident” and everything related to it was a
        complete waste of time. Why? Because Reiko can control her berserker
        mode pretty well, and if she could seriously hurt her friend Izzy the
        way she did and almost not feel guilty about it, the question one asks
        is, if Reiko has no problem controlling her berserker mode, more so when
        she injured her friend, why does she still have trouble having a
        serious relationship with Skye? That is to say, think about it, Skye is
        Reiko’s best friend and does not seem to be the type of man who would
        want to fight with someone like her (Reiko), ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THE TYPE
        Reiko intend to fight Skye whenever she can in her berserker mode? Why?
        For what purpose? Reiko seems to be stronger than Skye, why would she
        want to fight him if he knows that if he fights he will win, hurting him
        for almost no good reason? In addition, again, Skye is in love with
        Reiko and wants to have a life together to make her feel happy and vice
        versa so that fights that involve some melee combat are discarded in
        advance. And the most important thing is, why would Skye, a good guy,
        want to fight Reiko in the first place? That is, it has practically no
        meaning at all. Ergo, if Reiko and Skye do not plan on having melee
        fights, for painfully obvious reasons, why is she afraid to be next to
        him in the first place? Or rather, why should she be afraid in the first
        place if she does not plan on fighting Skye, especially since he does
        not want to do it either? Wait a moment, if Reiko can control her
        berserker mode almost without problems, how is it possible that the
        “incident” happened in the first place? In the main story, Reiko lost
        control of her berserker mode because apparently that ability not only
        makes her much more aggressive and violent than normal, and much more
        powerful, but when that happens, she can not properly distinguish
        between friend and foe , Right? But in the pages that were shown before
        that does not happen. How is it possible that Reiko, who has almost no
        problem controlling the berserker mode on those pages, could not do it
        in the past? Arrg, every time I analyze this comic I do not put a bad
        mood! This in itself is so bad that, Mistergodai unknowingly, I create a
        plot hole within another plot hole.

        the thing is that this comic became even worse than before because Izzy
        can resist enough against Reiko to the point that, not only could stop
        one of Reiko’s punches in berserker mode at low level, could counterattack almost without problems. This, which would come to make one of the most “JOG” in the whole comic book so far. And you want to know something else? That
        although it is true that “Las Lindas” is a horrible comic in every
        sense because at least the plot in general that it has is more coherent
        than this, at least the main character (Mora) does not stop being what
        it is, one of the
        worst Mary-sue ever to have existed, and at least the rest of the
        characters remain as they have been shown throughout history (not all,
        of course). This is how horrible all this is!

        To finish, all I can say is that there is no way to fix all this mess, it is impossible. The only alternative left is that everything is redoed from the beginning, but in the right way. This is all I can tell you for now. This comic is horribly bad in every way imaginable. And if I had to be more precise with my criticism, I would say that this comic is slightly worse than “Las Lindas”. It’s all for now.

        • Jacob Freid

          TL:DR : If you don’t like it, don’t read it

          • Zorro_Dorado

            It’s called constructive criticism, dumbass. And, by the way, that excuse that “if you do not like it, do not read it” does not work on the internet, ok? If a product is bad, no matter how much you like it or not, it is okay to make a critique to determine what is wrong with that product for the purpose of fixing that which does not work, or simply making a new product starting from the beginning. Get over it!

          • Jacob Freid

            Whether or not you heed the words, it is a valid suggestion of common sense: If you do not like the story, characters, or development, then just don’t read it. Constructive criticism is great. Make a blog for it, criticize the holy fuck out of all you desire. Constant overflow of negativity showing every single little downfall without any suggestion to fix it outside of a complete and total wipe and retcon, well, that’s not constructive, nor is it healthy. To be honest, you should take your own advise and “Get over it!” All I really see is just one person, you, going absolute bonkers over it all, which really makes you look like a child crying for attention.

            Oh, and if you want to start throwing derogatory names like “Dumbass” because someone places a string of common sense, no matter the phrasing, in your reply, it only shows your own ignorance. Have a nice day.

          • Zorro_Dorado

            So, do you want to turn a deaf ear about everything bad that this comic has because it is unable to make a counterclaim? Wow. That’s pretty pathetic. You just confirm the intellectual level of the people who enjoy this comic Have a good day, sir.

          • Jacob Freid

            Honestly, I’m just replying because your ignorance makes me giggle.

          • Zorro_Dorado

            Not arguments based on logic and reason? It’s okay. The people of this site who endorse this comic show without a doubt that they have almost no intellect enough. Thank you for clarifying my doubts, again, sir.

          • Jacob Freid

            Alright, you keep going on about the intellect of those reading this comic, that you apparently seem to be the only one here who has the IQ high enough to see the faults in it and therefore must spread the word that it is a piece of crap series of poor character development and terrible plot with more holes than swiss cheese. You want an intellectual argument? Here you go:

            I will agree that the story of this comic is not exactly perfect. There are plot holes, skips, and unexplained bits and pieces for each of the characters that remain unknown or conflict between one point of the story and the other. I’m not going to say where and how because I’m not fully up to spec with the series and have to give the earlier chapters a good read through. What I will disagree with you on is character development and the emotional and psychological points in each.

            Reiko – She is a standard Naruto stereotype when it comes to power/curses. Great power, alternate personality, etc. That there is more or less the basis on which we have the whole struggle of her relationship. The fact that there is another side to Reiko, an actual split personality, is news to me, that this power is linked to it also speaks loudly to her fear that she is feeling. Despite seals helping to keep this power in check, she is worried that they will fail and she will hurt Skye like she did in the past, and worse, considering the first impression of this alter-ego, even kill him. That is some very heavy emotional baggage to carry around, which does speak to her character and how she tries to hide these fears by being flamboyant and all around flirty to the point of polygamy.

            Issy – I’ll be honest, I only know two things about Issy: She is a lesbian and she has the hots for Reiko, but looking at her character and how she acts and reacts in this story, I can tell that she is the type to fight through her feelings and find resolution in conflict in some form. Given that she only recently met Reiko, she is also not too familiar with this curse that Reiko carries, which, given how little common knowledge about ninjas and their powers are, I can understand her ignorance in goading Reiko along in the fight to help sort out her feelings, and she is about to get a crash course lesson on why you shouldn’t push someone past their limits.

            Jasmine – Let’s face it, Jasmine is somewhat bland as a character and I get your frustration in regards to that, though as far as naming conventions go, I have met Asians visiting from their home countries with English names. Big question is, is she a bad sister? Nope. Previous comic she showed concern over the fact that Reiko went into power-up mode and that they should probably stop the fight before it gets too far. The fact that she isn’t stopping the fight is because she knows that some things need to be worked out actively instead of just getting fat on a couch eating Carrot Cake Ice Cream, and because of one other thing-

            Kyoko – -Mama Kyoko is keeping close watch. Seriously, considering how much this comic is inspired by anime, you don’t think Kyoko is keeping watch or has someone watching over the fight, ready to jump in when the proverbial shit hits the fan? She may be flamboyant and easy-going, but she is still the head of a ninja clan, and that means she can still hold her own despite whatever injury keeps her from going full-bore. On top of that, she is being a supportive mother, buying ice cream to help her daughter cope and being their for her, while also taking the necessary step back to let her daughters make their own decisions.

            Another point I want to make here is that, there is more story to come. We are getting only a page a week, which is honestly great for the detail we get in it, and that we don’t know what is coming next. For all we know, the rest of the character development will unfold over the coming weeks where this page makes better sense. Just because something conflicts with known facts doesn’t mean it won’t be explained or fixed in the near future. Making a huge, long post that is barely readable as it jumps randomly from point to point in a ramble doesn’t help bring the point across, hence my little TL:DR.

            Finally, you are right on the intellectual part. You know full well what one of the reasons people always comes back to this comic, and a good chunk of comics on the Katbox, for. The sweet, gratuitous fan-service cheese that is served, and speaking of cheese, its time for lunch, and my turkey and swiss sandwich calls for me.

          • seth

            I agree with you pal. This comic may look nice but it is actually just BAD.

          • Feartheswans

            Yes she does have trauma related to her berserker mode. Right now the greater trauma is her the breaking away from Skye who she relied heavily on emotionally. With the loss of her emotional pillar she has lost the ability to make rational decisions and unlike her trauma regarding her berserker mode, the wound with Skye is still very fresh.

            This Wound is something Izzy is trying to tear open and after much provocation, Reiko gave in, slightly, in hopes it would make her stop. She didn’t fully open throttle on that power, only used just enough to try and get Izzy to back off and to maintain control.

            Izzy didn’t back off though and came at her with even more provocation and played on a Misunderstanding that Reiko already had regarding Paige. Recall she had gone to Nick and Leona’s house explicitly to kick Paige’s ass for nuzzling in on Skye.

            She lost what fleeting control she had on her emotions then and retreated into her mind allowing the Berserker form (Demon form) to take over. It likely was enough to destroy the seal that Reiko’s mother put on her due to the high amount of Emotional trauma that Izzy added to her already quite large emotional wound.

            Basically She was already Hysterical to begin with and Izzy came in and rubbed it in her face so she would fight her. Reiko complied to get her to leave her the hell alone. That didn’t work and Izzy attacked an even darker fear in Reiko and now the Beast is loose.

          • Zorro_Dorado

            Okay, where do I have to start?

            1- “Yes she does have trauma related to her berserker mode. Right now the greater trauma is her the breaking away from Skye who she relied heavily on emotionally. With the loss of her emotional pillar she has lost the ability to make rational decisions and unlike her trauma regarding her berserker mode, the wound with Skye is still very fresh.”

            That statement is only half true. Yes, Reiko has a trauma based on what happened in the “incident”, but not so with the break with Skie. Let me explain. A breakdown does not necessarily have to be traumatic per se, it can be painful but no
            more than that. In addition, the case of the break between Reiko and Skie was due to that she did not want to have a serious relation with him, in first. Let me refresh your memory a little. You see, when Skie broke up with Reiko in the first place it was because she had not had the relationship with due seriousness causing a state of temporary shock. In fact, after Skie breaks with her, more precisely the next day, she goes to look for him to demand an explanation of why of his
            decision. Skie tells him why, and clarifies that regardless of what his mother thinks, he still wants to be with her (Reiko). This is the most important point here, so please pay attention. Skie asks Seriously if she would want to have a deeper relationship with him, to which Reiko responds with a long pause; in other words she said no. Therefore, the
            probabilities that she has developed a trauma due to this breakup, is almost null for the reasons stated above. And I agree with you that the breakup left her emotionally hurt, but that does not remove the fact that it was her fault in the first place. Which means she’s still a complete idiot. Next!

            2- “This Wound is something Izzy is trying to tear open and after much provocation, Reiko gave in, slightly, in hopes it would make her stop. She didn’t fully open throttle on that power, only used just enough to try and get Izzy to back off and to maintain control.”

            Look. I’m going to explain to you why all this is complete nonsense. Izzy is not just an idiot with her head full of air, she’s still a bad person for the reasons I mentioned in my review of all this. Izzy is forcing Reiko to use her berserker mode without knowing practically anything about the incident, and her family. Reiko can make use of the berserker mode because if he
            did it would be disastrous consequences. Reiko’s berserker status has a serious flaw if compared to that of her sister, Jasmin, and her mother, Kyoko. The berserker mode that Kyoko and Jamń have is more manageable than Reiko’s because at least she does not lose control when they use it. That is to say, that Kyoko and Jamin still in that way can distinguish between friend and enemy; Reiko can not make that distinction and, what is worse, she can not control her bloodlust in
            that state making it extremely dangerous for anyone who is close enough to her. I’m going to give you an easy example to follow. The berserker mode of Kyoko and Jamin is somewhat similar to what happens to Bruce Banner when it becomes the incredible Hulk, the way in which the latter reacts with his environment, as well as with the people around him. Reiko, on the other hand, was born with a major fault over her berserker mode and is that she loses control when she uses it, similarly to the Envangelion Unit 01 in Neon Genesis Evnagelion when it goes into berserker mode. Do you understand what I mean? Next!

            3- “Izzy didn’t back off though and came at her with even more provocation and played on a Misunderstanding that Reiko already had regarding Paige. Recall she had gone to Nick and Leona’s house explicitly to kick Paige’s ass for nuzzling in on Skye.”

            Yes, and that does not deny the fact that Izzy is an idiot and a bad person. And with respect to Reiko, the fact that she has gone to with the intention to punch the butt to Paige, her friend, makes her look worse in the eyes of the others by the
            simple fact that she is being annoyed with someone else to weigh that it was SHE who said NO to Skie in the first place. In other words, Reiko has no right to complain. Not only that, but Reiko learned that Skie was dating Paige on what her father had said. Look, I understand the fact that Reiko is frustrated and all of that because of her breakup with Skie, but then, and if you’re going to kick her ass, I’ll ask how true that was. That is to say, Skie’s mother is still married to her father and it is she who seems to make the important decisions regarding her son, so take as something true that Skie’s father said, would not it be rash of you? Even more so if we take into account how Skie’s mother is. In fact, if Reiko did not want to confront Paige because she probably should have been in denial at the time, would not it have been easier to ask the rest of her friends to know if the sayings by Skie’s father were true or not? That is, Kyoko, I hear the conversation they had when both families met at that time, would not it have been better to ask your own mother about what Skie’s father said to know his opinion? But no, Reiko acted like a complete idiot when she went to confront Paige for the sayings of Skie’s father, proving why she is a complete idiot. Next!

            4- “She lost what fleeting control she had on her emotions then and retreated into her mind allowing the Berserker form (Demon form) to take over. It likely was enough to destroy the seal that Reiko’s mother put on her due to the high amount of Emotional trauma that Izzy added to her already quite large emotional wound.”

            That explanation does not make sense for the reasons I explained in point number two. Also, at the beginning of the comic did not make any reference to Reiko had a seal that would prevent him from making use of his berserker mode in the first place. Throughout the comic, only mention was made of the fact that berserker mode was something like a curse for her figuratively, not literally. So that explanation does not work. I am sorry. Next!

            5- “Basically She was already Hysterical to begin with and Izzy came in and rubbed it in her face so she would fight her. Reiko complied to get her to leave her the hell alone. That didn’t work and Izzy attacked an even darker fear in Reiko and now the Beast is loose.”

            False. By the time Izzy showed up to convince Reiko to fight her, in that way to get her to try to overcome that trauma, she was drowning her sorrows in carrot ice cream. Practically, she was sad at the time, but not hysterical. If Reiko was hysterical sometime more recently was when she went to demand explanations from Paige that it was that now was dating Skie, based on what her father had said on cell phone. In other words, that explanation does not hold.

            I am sorry to have to tell you but most of your sayings do not stand on their own for the reasons I explained earlier. Greetings.

  • Dragoncat

    Looks like someone is going to suffer some major muscle damage… and it might not be Issy. Who wants to bet this monster wants to go after Paige?

  • Night-X

    Pink sexy monster don’t look so pink now.

  • MrAMP

    Why not both in regards to being terrified and turned on? XD

    No but seriously, I think Issy might actually die here. I mean,s he crossed a very thin line and it looks like Reiko isn’t there anymore. I really hope Kyoko comes in for the rescue.

  • Maxime Cuisset

    to be honest, as more we progress in this arc, the more i see back the picture of reiko lifting weights while wearing a orange jumpsuit being a lampshading for reality…. i really hope it doesnt come to this.

  • Alexis Casto

    Hope they got 911 on speed dial.

  • Kaiphis

    so am I the only one who feels a Yu Yu Hakusho reference? I approve by the way and Issy.. I hate to say I told you so buuut.. you bit off more than you can chew.. Or as Urameshi put it.. “You should be careful what you call a fortunate opportunity. Your luck could run out.”

    • Raptor052

      1. I already made the reference to Yusuke’s Mazaku form. 2. That was Raizen speaking through Yusuke.

  • KLiCK

    Welp, can’t say I didn’t see this coming. But I feel like there should have been more to make Reiko(Or whoever this is) tick.

  • DarkMyste

    Well there goes the seal, anyone that was hiding better just move to new universe because reikoi just supper funnyman,poor missy you awaken her now you doomed us all

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