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  • Argent

    Is anyone else getting a Saiyan Invasion arc Goku v Vageta vibe here?

    • Wolf2125

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

      • Amith Abraham

        Your preaching to the choir, man. I was imagining that as well.

    • If it’s DBS you’re talking about the tournament of power just took a turn for the incredible.
      Ooops wrong topic yeah the girls are tussling pretty good and they’ll fall out soon enough

  • Ghost-Reaper

    Pow, right in the kisser! I’m sure she won’t miss out on a big event or something from this.

    • Dragoncat

      This IS the big event. Too bad no one is selling tickets…

  • Chuck

    That first line would read better as “That girl can really pack away the ice cream.”

  • Cory Tenorio


  • MrAMP

    So many boobs bouncing and flying every which way! I admire Kyoko’s confidence that she knows all is well. I mean…it’s not like the seal is going to break…right?

    • CazzT

      I’m guessing Kyoko has some sort of link to the seal that would alert her if starts to fail and that she has steps she can take to reseal it if does. But then again, how many times have we seen foolish confidence like that in stories? hehe

  • Justin Alden

    Were they not covered in fur, we’d be looking at several large bruises by now.

  • KLiCK


  • Alexis Casto

    Hope they have a body size ice-pack in the house, she’ll need it.

  • Jahmir White

    Reiko is much more “super Saiyan” than Issy now!