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  • Axel_Celosar

    Yup, I’m sure she doesn’t want to “loose” her either. :p

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    ah yes. truth. emotions often get in the way of the truth

  • spacefan1993

    Now I’m REALLY curious as to how this story arc is going to be resolved. It’s obvious that we have gotten to the point where Skye shows up, so now the question is, is he going to go after Rei? Is he going to give her some space and time to think things over? Is Rei going to grow up and become a more mature person, so where she and Skye can actually have a real relationship together? Will Skye’s mother get off his back and let him live his life as he sees fit?

    So many questions, and I cannot wait to see them get answered! XD

    • That is why you have to stay TUNED to this page to get the answers you and all seek!!! ‘Nuff said.

  • Jawara Pittman

    Yeah, to snap out of it. It was to get her riled up. Reiko, you need to think on what you’ll do now.

  • Sol

    Our heroine everyone, stupid than a sack of frickin’ potatoes.

  • MrAMP

    OH SNAP! She was really ready to throw down wasn’t she? She would’ve made Paige all black and blue and a darker shade of green.
    And I must give props to Paige for diffusing the situation like that, which does speak volumes to Reiko’s actions as she never once considered that this was a hoax.

  • Cathy

    reiko should have face-palmed the second she said “sky’s mother said”

  • Justin Alden

    It was very convincing.

  • Cory Tenorio

    That’s the “Oh god I’m such an idiot!” Face.

    • Understatement as its also I dun n goofed face too, but it also shows she wasn’t exactly willing to give Skye up in favor of anyone else even if it’s her best friend

      • Cory Tenorio

        Yet she’s willing to have a threesome with any one of her girl friends.

  • Dragoncat

    Paige is not like that. Skye is not like that. Skye’s mother…? Yeah, it’s safe to assume that she’s like that.

    Now… What will Reiko be like, now that she sees how foolish she’s being?

    • Maybe wise up some and stop being the carefree party girl she likes to be and maybe slow down settle down in time not at once and get on with their lives (we still got that other loose cannon story of his “brother” Shin and Jazmin still brewing)

  • Alexis Casto

    Sometimes the only way you can get the truth out is to yell it and knock sense into someone, it depends on the person, and it sucks, but unfortunately, Reiko needed it. 😐

  • Zorro_Dorado

    First of all Reiko’s proportions are disgusting. Second, the color of Paige’s coat hurts my eyesight, quite a lot. And third, this does not remove the guilt of all this began because of a bad script, for the simple fact that Reiko’s mother did not reproach her for the fact that it was she who had hinted that she did not want to have a relationship It would be with Sky. Let’s continue with this damn story.