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  • Vocal Tune

    Tara Strong Reference? Paige…I hope your ready. I wonder if Paige was Intending to Hold on to Skye for Reiko or if she was triggered by what Skye’s Mom said about dating a girl with a “Normal” size chest. Maybe Both.

  • IgnatianMystic

    It’s gonna look like a furry watermelon exploded outside once she ‘has a word’ with Paige (…y’know, cuz of all the green and pink fur that’s gonna go flying? Just like… a watermelon…? …I’ll stop now.)

    But seriously, I can’t see this getting anything but UGLY, real fast.

  • Jacob Freid

    And once more with the reference. LOVE THIS COMIC!

  • (Well now that the comment section is back lets keep it clean and on point.)
    on another note hopefully Reiko has calmed down enough to hear out Paige about the current circumstances, because i cant imagine her getting beat up just for trying to help

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Pffft that fucking shit eating grin in panel 3

  • tych

    wow that is a old DBZA Reference kudos to you man

  • KCKitsune

    You know Reiko has NO right to pick a fight with Paige. She dumps Skye, and when Skye moves on she goes all psycho? Seriously Reiko, WTF?

    If she has the attitude that she’s the only one who can have Skye, then I’m glad they broke up… psychotic people like that usually have Bad Endings.

    • KC i have the same thoughts but the thing is there are some circumstances going on that she is not letting people know, so despite her selfish”act” thers got to be more behind it i just know it

      • KCKitsune

        It doesn’t matter what’s going on “behind the scenes”. Skye asked her flat out in 387: “Do you want to be with me?” Reiko didn’t answer which means “No.”

        What’s Skye suppose to do be a doormat waiting for Reiko to make up her mind? Sorry, relationships don’t work like that. She had her chance and she threw it away.

        • Jacob Freid

          Well, I’m not perfect on relationships, but here is my take on it:

          Between 387 and 388, Reiko didn’t give an answer. We know that there is an implied history with her that she doesnt exactly open up about, though I have a feeling that Skye knows about this situation and he is asking her anyway. Her not answering and him walking away, well, it’s implied that its over, but it can also mean that they are taking time away from each other to sort out the answer. I believe that is the thought in Reiko’s mind, but here are some other implications to consider as well, the prime two being: Time and Information.

          It has not been even 24 hours since the talk, early/mid afternoon of the day after at best guess. Reiko overheard the news of the “relationship” of Paige and Skye. She doesn’t know that it was something set up spur of the moment to keep Skye’s mother from forcing him into an arranged relationship, so in a way, she could be thinking that they have been together during their own relationship. A prime point of open/polygamous relationships is trust and communication, something Reiko and Skye had all through college, but Paige was only recently introduced to everyone. If Skye and Paige were seeing each other, much less doing the horizontal tango, it was not communicated, which she can take as a breach of trust during the time they were together. Add to the fact that she is sorting through, or running from, her feelings through her exercises (For gods sake, she had freely offer kitty tits put away), and yeah, she is not going to be thinking everything through clearly with the mixture of emotions right now.

          Now, we don;t know what is next to come. For all we know, Reiko had some time to think while heading over to the house, realize that, this was Skye’s mother who was delivering the news, and just wants to confirm some things. Heck, this might be the push she needs to tell Skye her true feelings. To be honest, I’m more surprised that Paige and Skye didn’t have the foresight to send at least a warning to Reiko or anyone else about the ruse and let it sit. For now, we are just going to have to wait until the next comic this weekend.

    • Cathy

      its not a problem that he moves on, she knows he has that right. the real problem is the fact that in very little time after the break up (which i remind you, did not go down well) she hears he’s not only already moved on, but with her friend that she originally brought into the picture because they were arguing.
      doesnt matter if either of them have one right or another, its still a prety fucked up thing that could happen, and reiko doesnt know the full story yet. i dont think she will beat paige, but she she DEFINITELY has the right to an explanation at this point.

      • A Right to an explanation yes anything else like making a demand or something no

    • Zorro_Dorado

      I agree. Reiko became a psychotic bitch so gradually that I did not realize. It is a complete disappointment.

  • Zorro_Dorado

    God, seriously, that lycan of green color does not even stop that it has fur, rather it is a if it had skin of that color in place of fur.

    By the way, will not there be any comments about this comic book spin-off of “Las Lindas”? No one? Okay