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  • SteelDragonFist

    Wow, Charlotte knows Rachael and Sarah!

    • Jawara Pittman

      Oh my GOODNESS! You’re right.

    • Boltwrench

      And somehow Ayah too!

      • Leokingdom10

        I get the Rachael and Sarah part (no idea how she knows them) but who’s Ayah again?

      • tony

        I think that might be sesame she’s talking about.

        • Chuck

          Sesame’s world is in a completely separate storyline/universe.

        • mastergodai


        • Leokingdom10

          Purple hair…..OH THE CREEPY RED SCARF!

    • Shadow Ph0eniX

      Coincidence? I think not.

  • Cathy

    o3o playing along is the smart idea now. but what happens when this goes to far and then Reiko hears about this from the wrong person

    • tych

      when that happens…get the popcorn

      • Dragoncat

        And butter it good!

        • tych

          I prefer light butter and cinnamon after it’s just been pop’d gives it a really good taste

  • Jawara Pittman

    Those two better PLAY their cards RIGHT.

  • neksuscat .

    Daaamn, that was quick! And no Quick around too! XD

  • Ahah just according to the plan Paige set up in a moments notice, and to be honest they would make a superb couple if going the distance

  • Ildac

    Man, Skye’s mom is a scumbag.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Rachel, Sarah but the purple haired girl doesn’t ring a bell.

    • neksuscat .

      There’s an answer above, in comment section.

  • David Allen Ortega

    This is going to be very interesting in the next couple of pages. 🙂

  • swedish_kitsune

    I say go for Ayah, whats the worst thing that could happen, Death by snu snu?

    • neksuscat .

      By tentacles.

  • bladra

    Man his mother needs some therapy

  • Fishmeistercod

    More abs 😀

  • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

    YOU BITCH!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU???? seriously what does Skye’s bitch mom have against Reiko? its not because Reiko’s an Usagi that much is certain as she has no problems with Jazmin. also, who gives a fuck who your son is dating? what makes him happy is all that should matter. guh i hate parents who think of their kids as INVESTMENTS and not as children. stupid stupid bitch.

    • Wolf2125

      I’m inclined to agree. Skye’s mom clearly has some unresolved issues.

      • Yet since its for storyline sake we dont know her at all, her origins would be something told in tbe pages of”Goyoku” a Rascals based bonus comic which focused on earlier events in the casts lives before the actual present time.

        • Wolf2125


    • Jawara Pittman

      It’s much to do with Reiko’s mom, Kyoko. Reiko gets the attitude from Charlotte very much because, she’s Kyoko’s daughter.

      Her main grudge is with Kyoko, over some really PETTY bullshit from years back.

      • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

        But Charlotte has no problems with Jazmine! she’s also Kyoko’s Daughter. is it because Reiko is more like Kyoko than Jazmine is? it can’t be just because of Reiko’s Mom

        • Jawara Pittman

          She condescendingly called Kyoko “Queen Munchachas”.

          I did mention it was over PETTY stuff from years back. Charlotte is jealous of Kyoko and while yes, she is mad at Reiko for dating her son, Skye. It still mostly goes back to Kyoko and what happened between them years ago. Charlotte, still HOLDS a major, but PETTY grudge against.

          Her husband and Skye’s father, Richard knows about it. Even he sees it as, VERY PETTY.

    • Ignatian Mystic

      I know right? If I had the money to do so, I’d personally pay Mastergodai whatever sum would be necessary for him to draw one page of this comic– just one– where my own OC (who is, understandably, a projection of my desires) walks up to that insensitive c*nt, winds up, and full-on BITCHSLAPS the shit out of her.

      Overkill? Probably. Worth it? Totally.

    • MrAMP

      I suspect that she is boob envious of Reiko and Kyoko. She seems super nice to Jazmine.

    • Dragoncat

      You heard his mother… She wants him to date a girl “with a normal size chest”. She is clearly intimidated by women with extra-extra-extra large bra sizes, like Ms. Usagi and Reiko. Jazmin, however, has a chest more to Charlotte’s liking.
      Let’s see how Charlotte reacts to “the new girlfriend”…

      • Ignatian Mystic

        Then she deserves a double bitchslap to the face, because that’s both petty AND shallow. Fucking tramp has no right to call herself a mother when she’s acting like a bitchy teenage girl.

  • Ignatian Mystic

    Seriously, go thoroughly fuck yourself, Charlotte… you bust-hating helicopter-mommy BITCH…

  • MrAMP

    Well, to be fair, she isn’t the nicest person…and at least she is trying at least. XD
    But seriously though, why do I get the feeling that she won’t be too happy with Paige because of the obvious boob envy.
    Also, nice allusion to :iconChalodillo: ‘s Rachael and :iconSkidd-dog: ‘s Sesame.

  • Dragoncat

    Can anything make a mother happier than hearing about her son breaking up with his true love?

    • Shadizar Silvermask

      Unfortunately there are indeed mothers who are blissfully happy when that happens, they’re incapable of accepting their son’s happiness as being real when the girl he’s with is in her opinion so obviously wrong for him. Some fathers are bad about that as well.

  • Dragoncat

    “MIIIIIIINE!” Everyone, meet Charlotte Roarx! i just know there’s an Orange Lantern ring searching the cosmos for her…

  • Shadowkey392

    Oh, she THINKS she knows what she’s doing, but this is gonna go ALL kinds of wrong later, I just know it.

  • SmokeSkid

    Big Boobs to rescue.

  • SmokeSkid

    This shit could hit the fan at any moment.

  • cy414

    i bet she’d look great in an orion slave girl costume.

  • Timecapsule13

    Wait a second… purple haired girl??? Why does that sound familiar.. I swear it reminds me of someone.. purple haired girl, purple haired girl… nope, I’m stumped.

    • Leokingdom10

      Sesame from Uber Quest (read comments above)

  • Jahmir White

    This is gonna be GOOD!

  • Zorro_Dorado

    Wait, wait, wait … Does this story take place in the same universe as that piece of comic shit called “Las Lindas”? Please, somebody answer me. And, by the way, what about the characters having powers like Naruto?