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  • Chuck

    What’s the “third eye” reference?

    • Jawara Pittman

      To this person here> < also aka THE RED DEMON!

      • maximo806

        awww what an adorable little puppy, so weak and fragile I could laugh, Gahahahahahahaaa!!!!

      • Bottas Heimfe (Dovahkitty)

        she’s hot and scary… I LOVE IT!

        • Jawara Pittman

          Yeah, she is that.

  • MrAMP

    OMGG! All these kids are so cute! I just really dig these first two panels. And by goodness gracious! The title and that last panel lead me to believe a new ship is forming.

  • Jawara Pittman

    Oh boy, it is REALLY going to get tangled.

    • How so? do you suspect Paige will try something with Skye now that he’s “Free”? I don’t think she’s that type of person (a little rambunctious but not a troublemaker )

      • Jawara Pittman

        Who knows?

  • Cory Tenorio

    Here we go.

  • A mediator has appeared, what news will she bring upon our carefree wrestling jock

  • Regulos14

    Someone really loves their Uncle Skye. 😛

  • scarletrhine

    The “Third Eye” is an old name for the ability to see the future.

    • Yes but he said it in a playful manner, but he kinda scared Kimmy a bit tho and definitely scared Nick with that. (Third eye future sight and evil eye curse gaze are few old terms that this generation isn’t aware of) but old folks know about it n then some

  • Dragoncat

    Skye… If you’re going to be a part of this family, one word of advice…

    DON’T SCARE THE KIDS!!! That’s Grandma’s job, apparently…

  • Shadowkey392

    I wonder where this is going to go?

  • Shadowstorm5000

    I smell a new girlfriend.

  • SmokeSkid

    I would shout that.

  • LifeWulf

    Whelp, that’s two comics I’ve caught up on in four days, Draconia Chronicles and Rascals (and by “caught up on” I mean completely reread).

    Looking forward to the next update!

  • Jahmir White

    I wonder if Paige wants Skye to go back with Reiko ONCE AGAIN!