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i think a intervention is required

Nope none at all only after she finishes her excersize she can be approached and maybe talked to after relieving off her stress

I was going to make a joke about keeping busy in bed…but I’m vaguely certain that Reiko would drop kick me for it. Seriously, I haven’t seen her that serious in a SUPER LONG TIME! I know she’s trying to get her mind off of things, but I suspect she’s going to train herself too hard. I will say that Chrissy does look super cute in that girl outfit.

This Reiko, while undeniably sexy when she’s in fight mode, is NOT our Reiko! Our Reiko is fun and sexy and pervy and never misses a chance to play-grope somebody! She isn’t grim and overly serious and dismissive/avoidant of the man she loves and obsessed with training! THIS is NOT our Reiko! THIS is a stranger–nay, AN IMPOSTOR!! *struggles to hold back tears of frustration* A SEXY, BIG-TITTIED, ASS-KICKING IMPOSTOR!!

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