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  • Jawara Pittman

    She’s trying to keep her mind off of him and what happened. This can only go so much and for so long. While I’m glad has this for an outlet. I feel Reiko still must face up to things.

    Yes, I would start to worry too if goes on longer.

  • Paweł Grzybowski

    Whoa….serious eyes Reiko….that is new, and kinda awesome ‘3’

  • Cory Tenorio

    She’s coping.

    • To me that is “Escaping” for the time being which leads to two things (A) move on or (B) reconcile and give the relationship another go

      • Golden Script

        those are literally the only two things that can happen XD

  • bladra

    i think a intervention is required

    • Nope none at all only after she finishes her excersize she can be approached and maybe talked to after relieving off her stress

      • Dragoncat

        I fear she’ll be doing this all day. Any attempts to make her stop might make her “snap” and activate her “curse”.

        • Not to be that extreme, when she wants to talk she’ll come around, unless she spots Chrissy in just that T-shirt n panties and decides to grope her XD (she’s had a Lil thing for Chrissy before yknow)

  • Dragoncat

    Good Gravy! A morning workout is one thing, but this is too much! Even her WMDs (Weapons of Mass Distraction) are breaking out in a sweat. She needs to cool down and calm herself before she really loses control.

    Maybe she already has…

  • Cane Jackson

    wow amazing job

    she is in the zone

  • MrAMP

    I was going to make a joke about keeping busy in bed…but I’m vaguely certain that Reiko would drop kick me for it. Seriously, I haven’t seen her that serious in a SUPER LONG TIME! I know she’s trying to get her mind off of things, but I suspect she’s going to train herself too hard. I will say that Chrissy does look super cute in that girl outfit.

    • Understatement and if Rei gets out of her focus Chrissy will be in for a molestation X3

  • Not for nothing but uh Shouldn’t Chrissy had said Mrs Usagi’s place instead of Ms. After all she’s a married woman (temporary single parent) tho where her Husband is we don’t know

  • Jesse Wan

    When the mind is at peace, your kungfu will move like air and fire, and rest like earth and water. When the mind is troubled, no amount of kungfu will ease it.

  • Fishmeistercod

    Buns gonna get buff o3o

    • Dragoncat

      You mean… even more than she is NOW? Is that possible?

      • Fishmeistercod

        I want to believe!

  • Not for nothing but uh Shouldn’t Chrissy had said Mrs Usagi’s place instead of Ms. After all she’s a married woman (temporary single parent) tho where her Husband is we don’t know

  • Ignatian Mystic

    This Reiko, while undeniably sexy when she’s in fight mode, is NOT our Reiko! Our Reiko is fun and sexy and pervy and never misses a chance to play-grope somebody! She isn’t grim and overly serious and dismissive/avoidant of the man she loves and obsessed with training! THIS is NOT our Reiko! THIS is a stranger–nay, AN IMPOSTOR!! *struggles to hold back tears of frustration* A SEXY, BIG-TITTIED, ASS-KICKING IMPOSTOR!!

    • Jawara Pittman

      Actually, it is Reiko. She’s facing life and it’s road bumps in her own way.

  • David Lee Smith

    Chrissy seems to be pretty comfortable coming out of the house in her underwear. :3

  • Cathy

    so. im worried about Reiko. But just a reminder, if Chrissy and Jaz take thier eye away from Quick for to long, A sertain Red Head Mouse who has possibly been spying might make an attempt on the slowly growing pale, squirl loverboy.

  • Jahmir White

    It seems like Reiko is very serious at forgetting about him right now. She might be like this for the rest of her life.