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  • neksuscat .

    Oh-ho-ho~ The beans are soon to be spilled~

  • Vocal Tune

    I’m still crushing Hard on Jazmin but I’m starting to enjoy Raven’s company again. Leave it to her to make things interesting. Or worse lol

    • Oh she’s not bad anymore she knows whom she’s dealing with so treading carefully

  • Jawara Pittman

    UH-OH! What does she do here?

  • Well thanks to me “spilling the beans” we’re back at home base X3 (tho I’d think so)
    Anyways apparently the “party after graduation” has found its way onto an exclusive restaurant
    And bar so many people are “bumping” onto each other for a great time, buut things are not what you
    Would think .

  • Cathy

    Holy Shit Raven’s new look took me by surprise
    also yay your back!
    also holy shit jaz’s abs in this page <3

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      To quote Freeza: “Oh my God you could grind meat on those-gah!”

  • Paweł Grzybowski

    That last panel though……
    Cuteness overdose (:3

  • nightarix

    Calling it now shiro has something about him that makes him VERY unattractive to Jazmin. (probably Personality, since i’m sure Jazmin could easily whip his looks into acceptable shape)

    • Uh…nope he is supposedly someone from Yotsuya Academy (rival ninja school)and would be suitor for Jazmin’s boyfriend/groom that was planned for her of sorts

  • MrAMP

    Okay seriously, is it me or does Raven have a knack for hiding out and spying on everyone? It does beg one question as to what this Shiro fellow looks like. Perhaps we’ll see some rivalry between Raven and Jazmin. xD
    Also, I must say that I dig Raven’s new look! That is of course in addition to the sweet looking background this time around.

    • AppleDJack Daniels

      Well she already spied on Chrissy when she asked Quick to give a break (*cough*Friendzonehim *cough*) on their relationship so yeah, pretty much that’s it, weird is, Zoey is never seen or even mentioned again since thelast time she appeared. Even that guy with the excessive baby blue fur coat.

    • Dragoncat

      Yep, that’s our Raven! She has a wonderful future… in espionage. She could give lessons to Mata Hari.

  • Timecapsule13

    Good to see these three getting along.

  • (Arrrrgh Knuckle up isn’t fixed yet!!)

  • Dragoncat

    Shiro can be cute all he wants, but Raven needs to remember that nothing is official until she has met his parents.

    Ever see a rabbit devour a mouse?

    • Golden Script

      O.o wut?

  • asebw


  • Raconis

    Loving that you’re back in action, I’ve been missing Rascals so much!

  • Cory Tenorio

    Oh yes Jaz. Please do.

  • Dragoncat

    Raven…! Ask the more important question. Which is… WHEN DO WE GET TO MEET HIM?

  • Golden Script

    XD okay. i finally caught up with the comic after katbox started going through repairs and the first thing i gotta say is. Sky’s mom is a BUNNY?!

    • Dorje

      It looks like Godai used a hare as the base. A bit bigger, leaner and leggier, with perky ears. Also different dispositions. Hare’s don’t domesticate as they stay very aggressive, and aren’t as social as rabbits. Given her attitudes in comic thus far, I’d think Mrs. Roarx would take great offense to being called a “bunny”.

      • Golden Script

        XD “Bunny” was the first thing to come to mind when i first saw her.

    • Dragoncat

      This would explain why Sky and his brother have a thing for rabbits.

      • Golden Script

        lol, yeah XD my thoughts exactly.

      • Wait what Brother? are you confusing his dad as his bro?

        • Dragoncat

          Not at all. Although it is clearly genetic. But I was referring to Shiro, Skye’s brother (whom we have yet to meet). They get it from their father.

  • I better read this entire comic all over again, because i cant remember some pages..

  • Dragoncat

    I’m still wondering who was in that THREESOME with Kyoko and Richard, if Charlotte wasn’t in it?

    • That sounds like a question to be answered in Goyoku or Chitsu ado ando (the paid bonus comics)(