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  • Jawara Pittman

    What will it be?

  • Gamma

    “Gonna be on my own, kiss the parents goodbye

    Gonna party from now ’till the end of July

    Things’ll be going my way, after todaaaaaaay …

    I wish that this was the day, … after today”

    • FullerUP

      Nice goofy reference, fits perfectly.

  • Night-X

    What important decisions? Every time they make a decision it ends with a weird event happening.

  • Scoobky

    i’ll be honest i hope it doesnt end, even with important decisions being made thats the fun with Slice of Life ^^ adventures everyday

  • Renadt

    Now, was this College?

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    It’ll be cool for Chrissy to narrate this chapter. Also, I think the important decision is where to go next. Like leave for a career or settle down. One thing I do know is that Quick will stay to continue supporting Chrissy. Rei and Skye, I get a feeling there will be a farewell from them. Plus, this ain’t the end. It’s rather a new beginning. Still holding onto that hope of a new Rascals with the next generation. Also may have an idea on how this Rascals will end. Maybe.

  • BlackWind

    So basically the tale of their school days and mischievous antics is done, so now onto life in the real world with life changing desicions like jobs careers parenthood etc

    • Shadowkey392

      Yeah…the mischief never really goes away…more like it just dies down a little.

      • BlackWind

        and now that Rei has seen the “fruits” of parenthood who knows if she will eventually decide to settle down and mature a bit more by starting a family with Skye as he implied

        • Jonathan Vasquez

          She may settle and mature but knowing her, she’ll still have that modeling job with Quick and his boss/sister. I have a feeling she’ll continue that job even after having kids, I mean look at Yoko. Or Quick’s mom too.
          Any doubts?

          • BlackWind

            Nope no doubts there but perhaps less of a party girl afterwards hopefully

        • Shadowkey392

          I’ll bet she will, eventually.

  • Shadowkey392

    Graduation day! Good day!

    • BlackWind

      A time that is of great significance due to it being a crossroad as to (a) go to university pursuing a goal or (b) begin a life with a selected job becoming a productive member of society, (c) begin life with a significant other and have children, those are examples of the 3 choices to be made at that point (besides an odd 4th one)

      • Shadowkey392


  • Dorje

    Also congrats to any IRL college grads, or soon to be college grads. You all deserve a song, I recommend Bright College Days by Tom Lehrer.

    ♫ Bright college days, oh, carefree days that fly, to thee we sing with our glasses raised on high.
    Let’s drink a toast as each of us recalls ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls. ♫

    ♫ Oh, soon we’ll be out amid the cold world’s strife. Soon we’ll be sliding down the razor blade of life. ♫

  • MrAMP

    At first glance, I suspect that Chrissy is the one doing the whole narration. And I must confess that I was confused that Quick was graduating too; however, per the bio, he almost completed college but was hanging back due to having fun/taking it easy. And I wonder what’s going to happen now that they’re graduated. I wonder if Reiko is going to have that talk with Skye like she promised near the end of the last chapter.

  • Maximo806

    I remember my first graduation, it has the best moments in my life! v(^_^)z

  • zophah

    I like how you blocked the year number on the chalkboard.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    l really do hope that the silly, slice of life stories keep going.^^

  • Im excited for this..

    But i still kinda wanna see quick and his girl more..

  • Eduardo Martínez González

    That isn’t final, no? …no?