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  • BlackWind

    Aww the adorable twins on the scene and the girls are just ogling all over them, but Rei is a little aprehensive at 1st but suddenly loosens up with it in her arms

  • BlackWind

    An aunt you say? Dunno about that according to Nick she could spoil the kid big time X3

    • BlackWind

      I believe the more she gets exposed to the babies the more her “dormant” maternal instinct will kick in and then “the fun will start”

      • ShadeStalker

        Having seen this exact behavior first-hand, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. She’s going to be the most kid-crazy one of them all.

    • Cory Tenorio


  • Kaeto

    Well they got daddy’s tail. As well as the boy having daddy’s hair.

    • Sly Fox

      Both have mama’s ears though

      • Golden Script

        and Kim has mom’s markings.

        • Dragoncat

          Actually, they both have Mom’s markings. Nathan has one on his left cheek, while Kimberly has the other on her right cheek. Methinks while Nathan looks more like Dad, Kimberly will have Mom’s spots. She already has a spotted tail.

          • Golden Script

            that’s what i meant. kim has more marks. XD

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Another chapter over but new characters. Like to see Nathan and Kimberling 20 years old along with the others kids. BTW I think Chrissy will volunteer to babysit them since she loves babies. Hmm….if she does, I wonder how that’ll sit with Quick…any thoughts?

  • Cameron Harrison

    I guarantee that when Nathan reaches adult hood, he’s gonna get a visit from Rei. Giggity!!

  • Alex Smith

    The girls of the series each taking turns with a baby, cuteness overload!

  • Cathy

    i hate to be that person. but just saying, given their friends, thier family, and 90% of the people in thier world. corruption is unavoidable x3

  • MrAMP

    :winkReiko: Does that mean I can corrupt your daughter Nick?

    But in all due seriousness, this is so cute! I just adore how Reiko seems to be warming up to the kiddos and the possibility of having kids herself.

  • Argent

    Nick… between your wife, your family, and your friends, the number of “-ILF”s is off the charts. There’s a MILF, a GILF, two AILFs…

    It isn’t Rei you have to worry about corrupting your son, it’ll be his friends once he gets to middle school and they all start noticing girls.

    • Thunder

      Okay, two of those I know, what’s an AILF?

      • Argent


  • Maximo806

    That boy should have been called Ataru, because something tells me that he’s going to be a tiny bit naughty later in life

  • Dragoncat

    See, I was right! All Nathan wanted was something to suck on. Now, he’s at peace. And doesn’t he look adorable nuzzling up to Jazmin?

    But what I like most about this, is how Jazmin is easing her big sister into joining the fun. Reiko may one day make a good mother, but when it comes to babies, Jazmin is a natural.

    • BlackWind

      The only part about the whole thing is with whom will she open up the “factory” with, because anyone can be a parent but a real man to become a father yknow

      • Thunder

        Considering the fact that Skye was the one who brought the idea up, I think we know the answer to that.

      • Dragoncat

        I think, with this page, we see Reiko becoming one baby step closer to becoming a mother.

  • Golden Script

    XD oh man. Rei! no. please don’t start corrupting them just yet. wait until they’re past the worst of puberty

  • Phasperous

    Wait, I am confused. Is the comic series over? Or?
    It’s says “End” at the bottom right corner.
    Or does that mean this chapter (didn’t know this was going in Chapters) is over?

    I hope the comic isn’t over with. It’s great work and I hope it will continue on!

    • SteelDragonFist

      Nah, Godai said that the comic isn’t ending anytime soon. It will still continue on to new future arcs.

    • Dragoncat

      Nah… Just the end of that particular chapter. And when one chapter ends, a new one will begin.

  • Sexy as ever..

  • BlackWind

    The comic won’t end anytime soon but even if the main comic does end there’s still the side stories and earlier years of the cast to reach a present point

  • CJ


    • Dragoncat

      This comic has had quite a few chapters. This just means a new one will start after this. Not to worry…

      • CJ

        oh no i wasn’t fearing a literal end to the comic. i was just thinking that it was kind of an awkward end to a chapter without much of a definitive statement from the author that it was the end of an arc. i thought it was kinda awkwardly placed there is all.

  • Regulos14

    Yes child, fall to the pink side.