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361 I Sensed You

361 I Sensed You published on 13 Comments on 361 I Sensed You
Final week here in Atlanta Next week I plan on working on the next page super early before i turn off my net access here and have my net up and running at my new Apartment ( IF THEY WILL CALL WITH MY NEW ADDRESS ALREADY!!!!)  and start working on KU PZ6 and Goyoku again AWA next week as well hope ill see some of you guys there as well ill be with Ducky at Table# 1135 , till next time .  
  • Cory Tenorio

    Stealth increased by 1

  • Jawara Pittman

    Yeah, time to get going. She’ll ask what the thing about money is about.

  • CJ

    lol that was cute

    …small thing i noticed the face of the watch switched sides of her wrist between panels

  • BlackWind

    Liona’s senses must be improving if she’s sensing Nick around or nearby XD that ought to be fun

    • Darth_Squirrel

      I think the title referred to Nick sensing Liona in panel 3.

  • Alex Smith

    And now you be a good boy and tell her the truth.

  • Larkane

    OMG XD I actually found it hilarious the whole “Oh well guess she knows now that i did something with money” Just from that blank expression. XD

    And omg the belly sticking out like that was classic Thanks Godai

  • Wolf2125

    Darn ninjas. XD

  • Dragoncat

    As Dad would say… “You’re dead, Sweetie.”
    The baby’s not even born yet, and already it’s playing “Peek-a-Boo!”

  • MrAMP

    Liona has clearly failed her ninja hide training. XD
    You know, I forgot to mention this on the previous page update, but I had a couple of thoughts. If Nick has access to Liona’s personal bank account (assuming that’s what it is of course), does that mean that they have already mixed finances? For that matter, is it possible that Nick and Liona are already married (eloped would be my guess if no one else knows about it)?

  • Great Basin Coyote

    I haven’t read the comments recently. Has anyone else made a guess because of her size that she may have twins? Two kids for the time of one pregnancy.

    • The Time Squid

      I’ve been hoping that they’ll have twins. One that looks more like Liona and one that looks more like Nick 😛

  • The Time Squid

    Anyone else want to rub Liona’s belly? O_o