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  • Cory Tenorio

    And the bad memories return.

  • MrAMP

    And now it’s a trip down memory lane. Something tells me it’s not going to be a good one. I was curious as to why she turned to the dark side so to speak.

  • Chawmi

    puppy tears of sadness… they burn my heart! :s

  • Raconis

    something tells me that it wasn;t quite so innocent, she may not have wanted Liona to be part of it, but she wanted her bro to be discomfitted.

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    The feelings and thoughts of mending a hurt inflicted by your hands, intentional or not, is something I can relate and understand. Trying to heal that hurt by ensuring safety, needs, and a happy ending to those you hurt is a hard and enduring road but as long as they’re happy and healed, it’s worth it. Afterwards, you can be at peace.

  • Wolf2125

    Damn. I feel bad for the kid. All things considered, I can relate to what Yuriko is talking about. 🙁

  • BlackWind

    We know that she didn’t do those things intentionally it’s just the way things came along, 1st with meeting with Mitzu then the so called private escort from the airport gig then texting his ex girlfriend letting her know she’s in town, all these little chain events added up to the current here and now
    All that is needed is for Nick to forgive his sister for the shenanigans

  • Belmontzar

    aww… she needs a hug T_T

  • Dragoncat

    But it’s not good enough for her. Not anymore…

  • Pegassi320

    Seeing Yuriko’s emotional change from the pages prior to this page is, albeit slightly, harrowing. Experiencing someone so happy descend into a state of guilt and sadness definitely leaves an impression on me and causes me to sympathize with the character a lot. Long story short, I’m kinda sad Yuriko is sad and I wanna give her a hug. (っ^ω^)っ

  • Ignatian Mystic


    Just shut up already and give your little sister a warm hug. That’s the main thing she needs in this moment, right here and now. Comforting words can only go so far.

  • Shadowkey392

    Awww…now I wanna hug her!