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  • neksuscat .

    All of my d’awwws~ This page is precious! ^w^

  • Cory Tenorio

    And no Skye to ruin the moment.

    • Night-X

      Thinking about where is the pink bunny?

      • Regulos14

        She’s a ninja so you can’t see her in the background.

      • BlackWind

        The world does Not revolve around Reiko in that Universe as she too needs her “off days” so give her some breathing room to plan stuff

  • BlackWind

    I’m just glad Nick manned up and admitted that he was being an ass while talking to them, also glad thar Revy brushed off the comments he made before

    • Jawara Pittman

      Nods to that there.

  • Jawara Pittman

    An excellent page here.

  • Dragoncat

    I’m still expecting the kitty cat to be in there somewhere…

  • Miafillene

    Awwwwww so adorable! And strangely hot. >.>

  • AnonAnon

    Called it 😀 They give each other shit but mean well!

  • MrAMP

    GAH! That’s actually a nice and touching moment there that no one should ruin with any anime jokes and/or references to Family Guy and/or pink bunnies.
    Hm…now this is somewhat of an interesting revelation too. If I’m reading this correctly, Nick is the middle child who had to act like the mature one to Yuri because Revy left her and he had hidden dislike for Revy because he felt abandoned. I wonder if Nick would be slightly more “pervy” if Revy did in fact stick around.

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    D’aww, always nice to see a brother and sister who get along as opposed to going the same route as Dexter’s lab.

    • BlackWind

      Makes me want to ask if he’s gonna apologize to Yuri the same way I mean she too got some smack talked to her so should be able to apologize to her also