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#348 Daddy’s Home

#348 Daddy’s Home published on 24 Comments on #348 Daddy’s Home
hehe Poor Liona Welp looks like I’ll be Moving Back to Florida next year . My In laws have been taking care of my wife’s grandparents and My Mom in law needs her help now because other family members are too selfish to help . For some reason I’m not too mad about it and I don’t know why I guess because things I planned to do when I moved out here didn’t really plan out like I visioned it . Oh well just gotta move on .till next week guys .
  • Renadt

    I really hate to be that guy, but it is “bring your little friend.” What was used was the “you are” variant.

    • mastergodai

      thanks, dont know why spelling and grammar check didnt pick that up

      • MrAMP

        Yeah, I forgot to mention that the Adobe Photoshop checker only checks for grammar, not sentence structure.

      • Renadt

        Spelling wise, it is correct. Not sure about why grammar check wouldn’t. But we’ve all done it.

  • Raptor052

    I think Nick has more reason to be nervous than Liona does.

  • Wolf2125


  • bladra

    meh im not scared

    • BlackWind

      Because obviously that’s not you he’s calling with such a hard tone of voice, now to see what type of man rules that household

      • bladra

        still im not scared for i seen things more scary then him

        • Maximo806

          like seeing god looking hairy in women’s lingerie.

          • bladra

            no thats in my gross and weird list but a powerful goddess like woman getting dumped by her lover scares me for they could either emit a super nova like aura while talking in a godlike yet demon tone, sent you to the sun the moment you blink or worse going mood swing molly *shudder* trust me i seen it happen it wasn’t pretty it would make you want to rather fight a army of 985,867,399 demon lords blindfolded and with you right hand tied behind your back then see something like that

  • Cory Tenorio

    If nick dies can I have his old ninja gear?

  • MrAMP

    Why do I get the feeling that Nick’s dad is either going to (1) pound his rear for getting a woman out of wedlock and without his approval (I’m guessing family secrets/techniques or something being passed down and (2) verbally abuse him for disappointing him for not following in his footsteps? I wonder if Nick’s dropping out somehow fueled both his sisters to rebel against their dad. Also, I can’t tell if they’re trying to help or hurt Lionna with that advice.

    • neksuscat .

      He didn’t simply “dropped down”, his hands were crushed. Literally. So he had to cut out from the akademy.

    • Great Basin Coyote

      My guess is, that when Nick and Leona sit down in the room and his father’s back facing them, slowly turns around in a dramatic fashion with his hands holding…a tray with a platter of cookies and tea served in ceramic cups. I think his father will be filled with glee about becoming a grandfather, given the lack of progress with Nick’s sisters.

  • deathknight

    You two aren’t helping him!

  • SteelDragonFist

    When I saw this page, one interesting thing came to my mind: IT’S GOOFY TIME! (Let’s hope that’s not the case in the next page, though…XD)

  • Dragoncat

    There’s nothing to fear, but this entire family. I mean, what are they trying to do? She looks like she’ll break water any second.

  • Darkness

    This is my father, 100% Can get really loud and annoying, even when he is happy and hyper xD I always look him in the eyes during a talk, or when he raises his voice, even if it means I am tuning him out.

  • MysticWolf

    I been reading this web comic for while now. I’m loving all the twist and turns you come up with mastergodai. Keep up the excellent work.

  • oh snap liona is pregnant!!! congrats girl

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      Uhh… Where have you been? X3

      • I have been off for a long time on my phone

  • BlackWind

    I still wonder how come Yuri is single looking like that besides having a little “blonde complex” quite adorable and cute looking there