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  • Cory Tenorio

    No no wait! Let me guess: “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?”

    • BlackWind

      Understatement! !!!! Apparently she don’t have a clue to what’s Nick going thru now after “knocking up” Liona and here comes clueless Lil sis to stir up trouble

    • Dragoncat

      Uh… Define “thinking”…

      • Shadowkey392

        The act of using one’s brain. Which I don’t think she did.

  • BlackWind

    Damn even besides being a goofball she’s got it where it counts unf I’d tap that and probably take shots afterwards to not catch what she got XD

    • Timecapsule13

      Hey, if your already a lil crazy then you ain’t gotta worry.

      • BlackWind

        It’s all fun til you lose sight of what’s real and what’s fantasy X3

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Um yeeeaaah…..
    Is it stupidity, cluelessness, or does little sister like giving big brother a hard time like most sisters do?
    Also, I actually am glad to see Mitzu again, but SHE DATED NICK?!? I knew about Reiko, but Mitzu?!? And Liona, after reacting with Reiko having a history with him, how will she react? Moreover, is Mitzu the Revenge or spiteful type? Has to be Rascals with scenarios like this! XD
    Also, the WHAT wagon? Did she name it that or did Nick used to call it that? Mitzu and Yuruko are friends but still more awkward though. Last thing Nick might head noogie his Sis for this or worse.

    • AnonAnon

      He called it the “Green Giant” So pretty sure his sister renamed it lol

      • Jonathan Vasquez

        Wait if she name it thst , you don’t think shes….
        I wonder if Nick knows.

        • AnonAnon

          While its possible it could just be the name because only girls are using it.

          • Jonathan Vasquez

            Then is it a possibility that she and Mitzu are….?
            No way, I find that hard to believe cause Mitzu doesn’t look the type plus she’s a proud person. Doing that seems to be beneath her, like Jazmin. Afterall, she looks up to her and compete against her. BTW she said it in the AMA about Jazmin.

        • Shadowkey392

          Probably bi. Most women in this world seem to be bi. Or straight, but open to experimenting.

          • Jonathan Vasquez

            Most ? In the fan comics yes but not in the story, I guess….

    • Shadowkey392

      It’s a mix of the two. Yuriko’s pretty much a total airhead from what I’ve seen of her in Goyoku.

      • Jonathan Vasquez

        Mitzu doesn’t seem to mind yet I find it shocking she does since she has a temper. Maybe that’s why Nick left her, and yet his sister hangs a round her. Either Yuruko really is that clieless that she can’t tell what an insult is or Mitzu has no choice but to put up with her.

  • AnonAnon

    Wait wait, he dated Mitzu? Nice… She seem’s really chill, I hope we get some background on her, and see more of her.

  • Malik

    First, Liona is pregnant, making Nick a future father. Next, it’s the idea of facing his family on this. Then, his sister comes in a bring, apparently, one of his ex-girlfriends. Wow, the guy sure is dealing with a lot right now. Hope a bright side to this shows up soon.

  • The_Rippy_One

    Yuri…that was a particularly brainless method of committing suicide XD

  • MrAMP

    Hold the phone! Nick dated Mitzu, Reiko, and Liona!? If that’s the case, Nick is officially the ninja-equivalent of Quick. Hopefully Nick doesn’t take after Quick’s name…IN BED!!! XD

    No but seriously, this totally explains why Mitzu has such a beef with both Reiko and Jazmin. It’s not due to some job. Mitzu just wants revenge against Reiko for stealing Nick away. I’m just curious to know what happened between Nick and Mitzu and why he never called that sweet thing back!

  • Dorje

    The core of faux pas. Such blunder, much awkward.

  • Gonzomatic

    AAAAAAAnd she conveniently didn’t notice that said ex strategically chose the tight fitting top with the matching hot pants.

    Way to go Sis. Way to go.

  • Dragoncat

    Yep, yep, yep, yep. That is so Darkwing Duck. Does this mean we’re going to have her start off doing incredibly stupid stuff before amazingly (if not accidentally) saving the day? Because she’s definitely off to a stupid start.

    And isn’t Mitzu a student from the rival school? The one that teaches students to conceal their katanas in their skin-tight outfits? As if she wasn’t already loaded with WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Distraction)…

  • Dragoncat

    From “Ho-Ho-Ho!” to “No-No-NOOOOO!!!” in less than one strip. Way to go, Sis…

  • Why would the dark blue girl would be bad

    • BlackWind

      Because she is supposedly his ex girlfriend of sorts that plus she had a bad fit with Reiko which he is friends with

  • Kieth Woodland

    “Pussy Wagon” Greased Lightning
    go greased lightning your burn-in up the quarter mile

  • OnyxLynx

    Woo! Mitzu’s back 😀

  • Cameron Harrison

    Damn Nick gets surrounded by all KINDS of hot pussy!!

  • Why would you NOT date that girl.. Oh my god so cute <3