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  • Cathy

    the expressions here are he best!

  • Regulos14

    I believe Quick would be turned to dust. XD

    • BlackWind

      Perhaps but do not underestimate the power of the under dog nerd he may surprise people (like in a certain non canon piece XD)

      • Cameron Harrison

        “The rumors ARE true!”

        Quick destroyed HER on that one. XD

        • BlackWind

          Yep appearances are deceiving from time to time XD

        • Jonathan Vasquez

          What’s the name of that bonus comic?

          • BlackWind

            No official name but my own what if requested story

          • GES280

            Would you do me a huge favor? Link the image URL (right click on the image and it’s an option).

      • Regulos14

        Lmao. Completely forgot about that comic.

        • Psyraptor

          which comic is that? i feel i must read this comic of which you speak

          • BlackWind

            Check my linked reply for it

    • Shadowkey392

      More like a bloody smear.

    • ShadeStalker

      Death by Snu-Snu? “The mind is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.”

  • Greyman

    Awe! Drunk kitties say the darnedest things.

  • David Allen Ortega

    imagine a four way with Quick, Chrissy, Jaz and Reiko. Reiko would destroy quick XD

    • Thunder

      Quick and Chrissy both. Not Jaz though, even Reiko has limits.

      • Raptor052

        Not when she’s drunk if a certain picture is still considered accurate.

  • Jawara Pittman

    Oh my goodness.

  • Kaeto

    Shouldn’t that be Schnockered?

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Oh boy….
    Okay on a serious note, we all know Rei can fool around a lot and messes with so many people, including Jazmin and Chrissy. Aside from that, she nas a good heart and can be serious enough to help out. I believe Rei is going to be serious to help Jazmin and the the rest get home. But first she wants some straight out info on why those two are head over heels for him. Raven already shared so now it’s their turn. A rare moment to see Rei serious to help. You guys agree?

  • Shadowkey392

    Translation: Rei totally does want to jump Quick’s bones, but won’t.

  • Zero08

    Reiko’s face at the end looks so certain but it looks like shes enjoying the thought. O.o

    • neksuscat .

      It’s the face that demands to know what they were talking about. :p

      • Zero08

        The way “Destroy” was emphasized made me think her face was towards that part lol

  • AnonAnon

    Well, Rei is the psycho bang-bunny, not to mention shes frequently with Skye, whom we all know packs heat on a scale we dare not ask of. So not only would she annihilate poor Quick, she probably wouldn’t be satisfied.

    • Dakota Miyamoto

      Not the size that matters but the motion of the ocean, or so my brother always said

      • AnonAnon

        The ocean has rip-tides, fast currents, and typhoons. :3

  • MrAMP

    It may be me, but I swear that Chrissy’s expression in the last panel is more flirtatious towards Reiko than anything else. It’s almost as if she’s coming on to Reiko. :heartChrissy: :heartReiko:

    [QUOTE=”Nixie, post: 213004, member: 407″]Yeeeeeah, she WOULD destroy him…[/QUOTE]

    On the bright side, Quick would die a happy death at the hands of Reiko’s Snu Snu. Or should I say hips instead? :winkReiko: :shockedQuick:

  • Khuden

    So, um. Call me crazy but… is it just me or does Rei’s right boob look much, much bigger than her left?

    • Dragoncat

      Well, whaddya know… You’re right! Well, I suppose with every woman, one boob has to be the smaller one.

  • Cory Tenorio

    Well at least Rei is being honest thought I don’t think Quick would mind dying happy.

    • BlackWind

      Dude if Quick handled Liona way back and you’ve seen how big Liona is he shouldn’t have much problem with Rei X3

      • Cory Tenorio

        I just realized something. You think Skye would take this chance to jump Chrissy?

        • Dakota Miyamoto

          I doubt it, We’ve seen before, Skye’s kind of a one-woman man, and I doubt he’d sleep with another woman without Reiko’s permission. Remember Reiko’s recent lesbian fun? Skye was mad he couldn’t watch, not that he couldn’t join. He was also the one who proposed going steady to Reiko.

          • Cory Tenorio

            Ah I see. Then there’s the “punishment” she gave him at the strip club.

        • BlackWind

          It’s been done, which is why I requested that comic non canon of Quick doing Reiko

          • Cory Tenorio


          • BlackWind

            Yup another non canon but done twice I had Quick do Rei once X3

  • Zmm

    Its horrible i am mor curious about what she was going to ask
    than to see her reaction about boning quick, or upon hearing them talk about an open realtionship

    I bet she was gonna sk them if they thought about an open realationship though. like she has

  • Paweł Grzybowski

    D’aw…..drunk Jazmin expression……..too much cuteness X3

  • Dragoncat

    Be proud, Reiko… Usually you have to put something in Jazmin’s drink to get her hammered. But tonight, your sister has proven herself more than capable of getting drunk without your help.

    Way to go, Sis!

  • Brian

    The Jack Nicholson Joker comes to mind. If you gotta go, go with a smile. And that’s exactly what Quick would do with those three. Go with a smile.

  • Dragoncat

    Yeah, she’s out of the good stuff, all right… ‘CAUSE THOSE TWO DRANK IT ALL!!!

  • Cortanis

    Rascals could really use an archive button. >.>

  • Cathy

    not that i think her boobs are realistic proportions, but these are probably the most realistic images of Reiko full body i’ve seen in a while o3o i like it

  • Caleb Delvalle

    So you’re saying she would bang him… fatally… ^w^

  • GES280

    For some reason I imagine Reiko’s voice getting super demonic when she says “destroy”.

  • Ignatian Mystic

    I dunno, Reiko… if a certain non-canon commission piece of you and Quick is any indication, you would probably get pretty rekt yourself. 😉